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tion Front Panel: The front of the PYRO A/V Link is for all of the audio and video INPUT Connectors, LED displays and Mode Switch. PYRO A/V Link Front Image Mode Button – Switches from DV capture or Analog Output. The Blue LED will be on whenever video is being captured as DV whether the source is an analog video tape or your DV camcorder. The RED Analog LED will turn on when you are exporting DV to a VCR or other analog device. LED: Green: Power Blue: DV Capture Red: Analog Export Connectors: S-VHS Input Composite(RCA) Input Right and Left Audio(RCA) Input 4 Pin DV InputPYRO A/V LINK 10 ENGLISH PYRO A/V LINK 11 ENGLISH Rear Panel: The back of the PYRO A/V Link is for all of the audio and Video Outputs with the exception of the Component Video inputs. 4 Position Dip Switch POSITION: DOWN UP 1234 PAL NTSC See Next Page See Next Page See Next Page See Next Page Unlock Audio Locked Audio • The video input jacks are auto-sensing. Which ever video jack you connect (RCA, S-Video or Component) the jack with the active video source will automatically be selected. • The video output jacks will automatically be active. In all con?gurations the RCA and S-Video jacks will always be simultaneously outputting video. This is true for video pass-through mode and exporting DV to Analog video mode. • The Component Video jacks are dual purpose and bi-directional. You can capture from analog video sources via the component jacks and you can export DV to Analog video via the Component jacks. The jacks are auto-sensing and auto-switching. This means that if ANY video input jack is capturing analog video to DV, the Component jacks switch to video input mode. If you are exporting to Analog Video th...

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