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ter from the wall outlet, then plug it again. You have one minute to register your handset. For one minute, the ARCHOS DECT base is in registration mode. Note: pin number During the registration process, on your handset, type “0000” for the requested pin number.15 www ENGLISHCONNECTING TO A WIFI NETWORK 1. To con?gure a new WiFi network, go on the Home screen, tap on the Menu icon , then select Settings . 2. In the Settings screen, select Wireless & networks. 3. If the WiFi is off, tap on the WiFi line to turn it on. 4. Select WiFi settings. The ARCHOS will scan for available WiFi networks and display them in the WiFi network section. 5. Tap the network you want to connect to. 6. Tap inside the Wireless password field to make the virtual keyboard appear. We recommend that you select Show password, to be able to see the charac- ters you are typing. 7. Enter the required network information* and tap Done. 8. Tap Connect. Your ARCHOS will now attempt to establish a connection to that WiFi access point with the network parameters you entered. For this procedure to work, you need to be in a WiFi zone that will allow you to connect to it. Every time the ARCHOS is in range of a network that you have already configured once, it will attempt to make a connection. * For free access WiFi points, there is no need to enter any special information. For secured networks, you will need a key (a series of numbers and/or letters) of the type WEP, WPA, or WPA2. Check with the Internet sevice provider to obtain the exact connection parameters required.16 ENGLISHLEGAL AND SAFETY NOTICESMore with my device 1. Connect the supplied USB cable to the ARCHOS and to a running computer. The ARCHOS will turn on and ask you if you want to connect it. 2. Tap Mount...

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