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nit to maintain the toothbrush at full power. Overcharging is impossible. However for environmental reasons, • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 99446686_D12_WE.indd 499446686_D12_WE.indd 431.03.2010 16:03:45 Uhr31.03.2010 16:03:45 Uhr5 Oral-B recommends to unplug the charging unit until the next recharge is required. Battery maintenance To maintain the maximum capacity of the rechargeable battery, unplug the charging unit and discharge the handle by regular use at least every 6 months. Using the toothbrush The toothbrush can be used with any leading brand of toothpaste. Wet brush head and apply tooth- paste. To avoid splashing, guide the brush head to your teeth before switching the appliance on (B). Slowly guide the brush head from tooth to tooth, spending a few seconds on each tooth surface. Brush the gums as well as the teeth, first the outsides, then the insides and finally the chewing surfaces (1–5). Brush at least 2 minutes to thoroughly remove plaque. Do not press too hard or scrub. Turn off the handle by pressing the on/off switch. Timer (depending on model) An incorporated timer memorises the elapsed brushing time. A short stuttering sound indicates the end of the professionally recommended 2-minute brushing time. Individual brush heads and accessories Oral-B offers you a variety of brush heads which are available in stores that sell Oral-B products. Following brush heads are interchangeable and can be used on your Oral-B Vitality handle. Oral-B FlossAction brush head The Oral-B FlossAction brush head is recom- mended for everyday deep cleaning. It features micropulse bristles that get deep in hard-to-reach areas between your teeth, gently removing...

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