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Notice d’utilisation de votre JBL On Time Micro. La notice vous renseigne sur l’utilisation, donne des solutions aux problèmes d’entretien, de fonctionnement et d’assistance pour votre On Time Micro.

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directly to the Alarm menu.2. Use Up/Down arrows to select an Alarm slot to edit. Press Enter to con?rm. Hour ?eld becomes highlighted. 3. Use Up/Down arrows to set Hour. Press Enter to con?rm. Minute ?eld becomes highlighted. 4. Use Up/Down arrows to set Minutes. Press Enter to con?rm. AM/PM ?eld becomes highlighted.5. Use Up/Down arrows to set AM/PM. Press Enter to con?rm.6. Use Up/Down arrows to set Day of Week, Weekdays, Weekends, Everyday or One-Time. Press Enter to con?rm.7. Use Up/Down arrows to set Alarm source. Press Enter to con?rm. Alarm is set!8. Note: During alarm-setting, if there is no user input for 2 seconds, display will return to the Now Playing screen. Press any one of the Enter, Up/Down arrows, or Menu/Up Level to return to setting selection. † Use this same procedure to modify a previously set Alarm. To Enable/Disable a Set Alarm Press Menu/Up Level at any screen to display the Top Menu (may require repeated presses, 1. depending on which menu state the unit was previously in). Use Up/Down arrows to highlight Alarm. Press Enter to con?rm; 2. or press Alarm to go directly to the Alarm menu. Use Up/Down arrows to highlight Alarm. Press Alarm to enable/disable the alarm. 3. An icon will be displayed on the left when the alarm is enabled, and the alarm will sound at the set time. Waking to the iPod/iPhone Use the steps under Alarm Setting and choose “iPod” as the source.1. On your iPod/iPhone, choose the song you would like to awaken to and press Play.2. Put your iPod/iPhone to sleep by holding down the Play/Pause button (older iPod models may vary).3. The JBL On Time Micro system can be put to sleep by pressing the Power button.4. Note: If you choose the last song on your iPod/iPhone, please place the i...

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