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ncorrect Region Code, “Region code error” appears on the monitor. *2 DVD-R recorded in multi-border format is also playable (except for dual layer discs). DVD-RW dual layer discs are not playable. *3 It is possible to play back finalized +R/+RW (Video format only) discs. “DVD” is selected as its disc type when a +R/+RW disc is loaded. +RW double layer discs are not playable. Playable disc type Caution for DualDisc playback The Non-DVD side of a “DualDisc” does not comply with the “Compact Disc Digital Audio” standard. Therefore, the use of Non-DVD side of a DualDisc on this product may not be recommended. EN_KDAVX4020[E]5.indb 4EN_KDAVX4020[E]5.indb 408.12.25 4:37:52 PM08.12.25 4:37:52 PMINTRODUCTION5 ENGLISH The lights of the touch pad controls and monitor are turned off when no operation is done for about 10 seconds. The lights are turned on in the following cases: – When you move your hand close to the touch pad controls.* – When your finger touches the touch pad controls.* – When you use the remote controller. – When a call/SMS comes in. – When the source is automatically changed by receiving the Traffic Announcement or a programme searched by PTY search. – When the signal from the rear view camera comes in. * Depending on the setting. To change the setting, ? page 56. The lights are always turned on in the following cases: – While <AV Menu> is displayed. – While <Source Menu> is displayed. – While the control panel is open. – When <Illumination> is set to <Normal>. (? page 56) Before operations Touch pad controlsMonitor • Operations are explained mainly using the touch pad controls and buttons of the unit; however, the buttons on the remote controller can work in the same way if they have the same names or...

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