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(REVERB/ ECHO+VERB/ OCTAVER/ PITCH). It is possible to carry out a vari- ety of performances with a microphone. ! CH1 in the DJ section is also available for a microphone input. You can use up to 3 microphones simultaneously. The world’s first 1, “Advanced Talkover” feature (page 13) ! This unit is equipped with the “Advanced Talkover” feature that makes the sound from a microphone more listenable by automatically lowering the volume in the frequency range of voice against music. The volume of music is not affected by using a microphone, making it possible for you to continue with an MC performance without hurting the atmosphere of the venue (the music level can be adjusted with the knob on the control panel). 1 As of 8/ 10/ 2009, for a DJ mixer, as determined by Pioneer. DJ Section A built-in “USB audio interface” that makes it possible to input audio directly from a computer (page 7) ! This unit has a built-in “USB audio interface” that can input audio being played back on a computer to a mixer via USB connection to the computer. This makes it possible for you to realize a DJ performance using a computer without an external sound card. ! You can mix up to 3-channel2 audio assigned each CH of DJM-5000 with only one computer. 2 A CD-ROM with a driver software is supplied (compatible with Windows and Mac). You can use the audio interface feature by installing the driver software in your computer (For Windows, you can assign 3-channel audio only when an ASIO-compatible software is used). The “Assignable USB MIDI” feature that can control a MIDI-compatible DJ software (page 9) ! This unit is equipped with the “Assignable USB MIDI” feature that can trans- mit the operation information of almost all buttons and faders on DJ...

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