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is no longer to accessible following installation,an all-pole disconnecting device must be present on the installation side with a contact gap of at lease 3mm. 8.Adapters,multi-way strips and extension leads must not be used. Overloading can result in a risk of fire. GB 7Operation Instructions 1) Press " " once, the screen display "P100". 2) Turn " " to adjust the hour figures, the input time should be within 0--23. 3) Press " ", the minute figures will flash. 3) Press " " to confirm, and the screen displays "P 80". 4) Turn " " to adjust the cooking time until the oven displays "20:00". 5) Press " " to start cooking . 1. Clock Setting When the microwave oven is electrified, the LED will display "0:00", buzzer will ring once. 1) Press " ", the hour figures will flash. 4) Turn " " to adjust the minute figures, the input time should be within 0--59. 5) Press " " to finish clock setting. ":" will flash, and the time will light. Note: the step quantities for the adjustment time of the coding switch are as follow: 0---1 min : 5 seconds 1---5 min : 10 seconds 5---10 min : 30 seconds 10---30 min : 1 minute 30---95 min : 5 minutes 2) Press " " once again or turn" " to choose 80% microwave power. Note: 1) If the clock is not set, it would not function when powered. 2) During the process of clock setting, if you press " ", the oven will go back to the previous sta...

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