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t the primary SIM or USIM card, and select Next. Read the help information and select 9 Next. Once you insert 2 SIM or USIM cards, you will be prompted to select either of them when accessing network services, such as calling, messaging and web services. To turn off your phone, repeat step 1 above. Follow all posted warnings and directions from • official personnel when in areas where the use of wireless devices is restricted, such as aeroplanes and hospitals. To use your phone's non-network services only, • switch to the offline profile. ? p. 21Getting started15 Get to know your phone ›Phone layout SIM selection Front camera lens for video calls Mouth peice Flash bulb Earpiece Touch screen Power/End key Back key Volume key Dial key Multifunction jack Rear camera lens Lock key Camera key Back cover Speaker Internal antennaGetting started16 KeyFunction SIM selection In Idle mode, switch between SIM or USIM cards when you make calls or send messages; Access the SIM card management menu(press and hold). Camera In Idle mode, turn on the camera; In Camera mode, take a photo or record a video. ›Indicator icons Icons shown on the display may vary depending on your region or service provider. IconDefinition /Signal strength GPRS network connected EDGE network connected ›Keys KeyFunction Dial Make or answer a call; In Idle mode, retrieve recently dialled, missed, or received numbers. BackIn Menu mode, return to the previous level . Power/ End Turn the phone on or off (press and hold); End a call; In Menu mode, return to the main menu or return to Idle mode. VolumeAdjust the phone’s volume. Lock Lock the touch screen and keys; Unlock the touch screen and keys (press and hold).Get...

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