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mo appears instead of the disc number. As you turn the JOG dial, the disc number or the Disc Memo changes. Disc number or the Disc Memo You can classify discs into eight groups by using the Group File function. This feature lets you easily find the disc you want to play. For details, see “Grouping Discs” on page 28. 3Turn the JOG dial until you find the disc slot where you want to insert a disc, while checking the disc number (written beside every slot and also indicated in the display). (Continued) ALL *DISC-20* DISCS CD102 DISC I / u +100Getting Started 8GB The rotary table turns and the disc slot at the loading position is set to the playing position. Always close the front cover except when you insert or remove discs. 5Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to insert more discs. 6Close the front cover by pressing OPEN/CLOSE. With the label side facing right After inserting the disc, you can input the original disc titles instead of the disc numbers (see “Labeling Discs” on page 24) to locate it easily when you start playing. 4Insert a disc with the label side facing right.Notes •Do not insert an empty 8 cm (3-inch) CD adaptor (CSA-8). It may damage the player. •Do not attach anything such as seals or sleeves to CDs. It may damage the player or the disc. •If you drop a disc into the player and/or the CD won’t go into the slot correctly, consult your nearest Sony dealer. •When transporting the player, remove all discs from the player. •Make sure to insert the disc at a right angle to the rotary table, otherwise damage to the player and/or the disc could result. If the disc is not inserted into the slot completely, reinsert the disc. •Make sure the rotary table comes to a complete stop before inserting or removing discs. The front panel c...

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