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programming. The buttons can either be: - programmed onto the pedals or gearshift paddles - or switched between each other. - You can change your programming whenever you want. - The programming is automatically saved in the wheel (even when it is disconnected or switched off). - When your “MANUAL PRESET” is blank, it is identical to “AUTOMATIC PRESET”. PROGRAMMING PROCEDURE Steps Action LED status 1 Activate “MANUAL PRESET” by pressing the button. On 2 Press and release the MAPPING button On 3 Press and release the button to programme. Flashing 4 Press and release the button, the gearshift paddle or pedal you want to assign to this function. Off On Your “MANUAL PRESET” programming is now enabled and updated (with your programming applied). 17/20 EXAMPLES OF POSSIBLE USES: - On PS3, programme L2/R2 or L3/R3 onto the Up and Down gearshift paddles (L1/R1 by default). - On PS3, programme the Cross/Square buttons onto the pedals (L2/R2 by default). - Switch different buttons for better access. Note: The button cannot be programmed or moved. EEPROM MEMORY Your wheel has an internal chip that stores all your “MANUAL PRESET” programmes in memory (even when the wheel is off or disconnected for a long period of time). You can save a different “MANUAL PRESET” on each support used (PC and PS3). DELETING A “MANUAL PRESET” Steps Action LED status 1 Activate your “MANUAL PRESET” On 2 Press and hold the MAPPING button for 2 seconds. Flashes for 2 seconds Your “MANUAL PRESET” is now blank (and becomes identical to the “AUTOMATIC PRESET”). RETURN TO “FACTORY SETTINGS” The aim here is to remove all of your programming or settings in one go. Steps Action LED status 1 Simultaneously...

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