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ake selector Press the “MODE” button to select the vents used for air flow 1.Panel – Air flows mainly from the instrument panel vents. 2.Bi-level – Air flows from both the floor vents and the instrument panel vents. 3.Floor – Air flows mainly from the floor vents. 4.Floor/Windscreen – Air flows mainly from the floor vents and windscreen vents.11 Power windows PRE11-0502ENUK-03-00 PRE11-0502ENUK-03-00 Manual transmission Automatic transmission The shift pattern is as shown below. Gear change Lock release button To prevent misshifting Overdrive switch Selector lever Shift while holding the lock release button in. Shift normally. Windowlock switch The windows can be operated with the switch on each side door. The ignition key must be in the “ON” position. Operating the driver’s window Use the switch on the driver’s door. Normal operation: The window moves as long as you hold the switch. To open: Lightly push down the switch To close: Lightly pull up the switch. Automatic operation: Push the switch completely down or pull it completely up, then release it. The window will fully open or close. To stop the window partway, lightly move the switch in the opposite direction and then release it. The driver’s window will also close via a one-touch operation but has a built in anti-trap facility, where it will automatically retract if it detects a foreign subject ‘trapped’ between the window and door frame. Operating the passengers’ windows Use the switch on each passenger’s door or the switches on the driver’s door that control each passenger‘s window. The window moves as long as you hold the switch. To open: Push down the switch To close: Pull up the switch.PRE11-0502ENUK-03-00PRE11-0502ENUK-03-00...

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