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« ew and close the case. 4) Plug the power cord and the wireless antenna on the PCI adapter, then, start the computer. 5) If the operating system detects the PCI adapter and try to install it, please, cancel the process, the software installation will install it later. 1 ENGLISH2 ENGLISH SOFTWARE INSTALLATION: I. Windows 2000/XP/Vista 1) Start your computer and insert the provided CD-Rom inside your CD-Rom reader. A window will appear asking you about the to choose. 2) After the language selection, select the right product and click on the text to install the software/driver. 3) A setup will be launch and you just need to click on the « Next » button to follow the steps, until the software ask you to plug the adapter. 4) If you’re installing a PCI adapter, it’s already inside the computer, so, don’t take care of this step. For the USB adapter, find a free USB port and plug in the adapter, then, click on « Yes » button. 5) Click on « Next », « Continue » and « Finish » buttons. 6) Now, the wireless adapter is installed and we’ll configure the wireless connection. There’s two ways to setup the connection: • With WPS feature., please follow the steps 7 to 10. • Without the WPS feature (standard way), please follow the steps 11 to 15.7) You can find on your router or access point (from your ISP or another provider) a WPS button. Please, press it. 8) Open the Wireless Utility by clicking twice on the « R » logo, near to the clock (right/bottom side of the screen), and click on the WPS tab. 9) Select the Wireless network you want to connect and click on the « PBC » button. 10) Now, you’re connected by the WPS feature and you can use your network (internet, file sharing, ...) normally. 11) If you’ve got a standard router or access point (without WPS feature), please, simply open the Wireless Utility by clicking twice on the « R » logo, near to the clock (right/bottom side of the screen). 12) Click on the « Advanced » tab and select the value « 1 :CH1-13 » in the « Country Region Code » field, then click on the “Apply” button. 13) Now, click on the “Network” tab, select the network on which you want to be connected, and click on the « Add to Profile » button. 14) If the router or access point use an encryption key (WEP or WPA), to secure the wireless network, please, click on the « Auth. / Encry. » tab and select the kind of encryption inside the « Authentication » and « Encryption » fields. Tape your encryption key and click on the « OK » button. 3 ENGLISH Only XP15) Select your profile and click on the « Activate » button, to enable this connection, and use it by default on this computer. 16) Now, you’re connected by the standard way and you can use your network (internet, file sharing, ...) normally. Notes: If you prefer use the Windows XP wireless utility, you need to make a right click on the « R » logo, near to the clock (right/bottom side of the screen), and click on « Use Zero Configuration as Configuration Utility ». After that, you can connect using the Windows XP system. II. MacOS X 1) Start your computer and insert the provided CD-Rom inside your CD-Rom reader. Click two times on the CD-Rom icon and go to Driver -> Mac. Open the folder according to the MacOS X version and click two times on the USBWireless-xxx.pkg to launch the installation. 2) Click on « Continue » and « Install » buttons. 3) Please, enter your administrator password, c... »

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