Notice INFOSEC iPel 1000

Notice INFOSEC iPel 1000

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INFOSEC iPel 1000

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« cation port to offer users more benefits. The software helps users monitor UPS status. Main features of iPEL evolution are listed below. 2. MAIN CHARACTERISTICS • Microprocessor control guarantees high reliability. • Equipped with boost and buck AVR. • Built-in USB Communication Port. • Green Power Function for energy saving. • DC Start Function. • Auto restart while AC recovery. • Compact size, light weight. • Provides modem / phone line surge protection. 3. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS – Security The UPS unit is potentially using hazardous voltages. Do not take this equipment apart. It does not contain accessible components to be repaired by users. All repairs should be performed by qualified technicians only. The UPS has its own internal power supply (battery). There is a risk that output sockets may still be live after the UPS has been disconnected from the mains power supply. The UPS has been designed for power computers. It should not be used with power electronic equipment with inductive loads such as motors or fluorescent lights. Do not connect any non-computer units to the UPS, such as medical equipment for artificial life handling, microwave, vacuum cleaner etc. Laser printers should not be connected to the UPS as they consume too much power. Make sure that the power supply required does not exceed the UPS’s capacity. We recommend using an optimum power load equivalent to half or one third of the nominal power for longer backup functioning and longer battery life. Do not leave any container with liquid on the UPS or close to it. Unplug the UPS before proceeding to its cleaning. Do not use directly any liquid detergent or sprays. The UPS should not be used in a damp place, nor exposed to direct sunlight or heat- emitting sources. Do not cover the ventilation grills. INFOSEC UPS SYSTEM - 4, rue de la Rigotière – 44700 Orvault – FRANCE - Hot Line : tel : + 33 (0)2 40 76 15 82 - fax : + 33 (0)2 40 94 29 51 - – 05 05 04 205 06 3 In case of emergency, put the UPS on “OFF” position, then unplug the power cord from the power socket to disable the UPS completely. Should the UPS fail to operate correctly, please refer to section 11: Trouble Shooting. 4. STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS The UPS should be stored with its battery fully recharged. Storage temperatures above 20°C should be avoided as this will significantly shorten battery life. The UPS should be recharged once every 3 months. This is done by leaving it connected to the mains power supply for 24 hours. Batteries kept in storage should be recharged every 3 months, failure to do so, it could result in battery damage. 5. AFTER SALES SERVICE IMPORTANT ! When calling the After-Sales Department, please have the following information ready, it will be required anyway : UPS model, serial number and date of purchase. Accurate description of the problem providing the following details : type of equipment powered by the UPS, indicator led status, alarm status, installation and environmental conditions. You will find the technical information you require on your guarantee or on the identification plate on the back of the unit. If convenient you may write down the details in the following box. Model Serial number Date of purchase ! Please keep the original packaging. In case of return t... »

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