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Notice LANAFORM Family Care

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Type de traitement de l'air : Purificateur|Humidificateur, Télécommande : Sans télécommande

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« uctions concerning the use of the unit. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the unit. • Do not connect or disconnect the plug if your hands are wet. • If the supply cord is damaged,it must be replaced by a special cord or assembly available from the Vendor or its service agent. • Never add any substances to the reservoir except demineralised tap water or distilled water. • Never dismantle the base unit. • Never switch on the humidifier when there is no water in the tank. • Do not shake the unit. This may cause the water to overflow inside the base unit and prevent it from operating correctly. • Never touch the water or immersed components when the unit is operating. • To avoid any damage to components, never allow any water to splash inside the base unit. • If any unusual smell is detected during normal use, switch off the unit, disconnect it and have it checked by a qualified person. • Disconnect the unit before cleaning or removing the water reservoir. • Never wash the whole unit in water and do not immerse it. • The ultrasonic humidifier must be cleaned regularly. To do this, refer to the cleaning instructions in this manual and observe them fully. • Do not leave the humidifier in the sun for long periods. • Do not use the humidifier if the air in the room is already sufficiently humid (at least 50% relative humidity). In effect, the ideal human comfort level of relative humidity is between 45 and 60%. Excess humidity is indicated by condensation on cold surfaces or cold walls in the room. To determine the relative humidity of the room correctly, use a hygrometer available in most large stores and equipment dealers. Family Care3ENCOMPONENTS 1 - Handle 2 - Vaporiser 3 - Reservoir 4 - Reservoir plug 5 - Vent 6 - Sensor 7 - Base 8 - Main switch 9 - Steam intensity control 10 - Water level detector INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Characteristics : • Water reservoir with a 5 L capacity • More than 12 hours continuous operation. • An automatic device shuts down the unit if the reservoir is empty. • High quality sensor guarantees correct and long lasting operation. • Releases anions in abundance, favours cell metabolism, increases energy and appetite, cleans blood and calms nerves. • Easily refillable water reservoir. • Silent and economical • Increases and controls the relative humidity in the room. • Eliminates electrostatic charges. • Improves ambient air quality • Helps maintain good health and protects the skin • Regulates room temperature. Installation instructions • Place the unit in the room half an hour before turning it on, so that it may take the surrounding temperature. • It is recommended to use the unit in a temperature located between 5°C and 40°C and with a relative humidity of less than 50 % RH. • Remove the reservoir from the unit; unscrew the plug by swiveling it counterclockwise. • Fill the reservoir with clear water at 40°C maximum. Check that the silicone washer is in place, and then close the cover by turning it clockwise. • Make sure it is clean and waterproof then place the reservoir delicately on the base unit. • With dry hands, plug in the unit. • Turn on the device by pressing on the ON/OFF button. The main light turns on and the device starts working. (8) • Adjust the desired steam intensity by turning the steam intensity control button. (9) 2 1 3 5 6 7 8 4 10 9 4EN A... »

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