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« d with a speed camera database, the road network is constantly being modi? ed. For best results therefore, we strongly advise you to download the INFORAD MANAGER software and then register your device with us, so that you may update the database from our web site (see section 5 - Updating the on board speed camera database). Installing your INFORAD Check the contents of the package. Check that your package is complete. It should include an INFORAD device, a proprietary USB cable, a cigarette lighter power adapter, this manual and a ? exible mat. Installing INFORAD in your vehicle Place the ? exible mat on your dashboard as close to the windscreen as possible in clear view of the driver’s line of sight. Before you start Before using your INFORAD, please read this User’s Guide it will save you valuable time and effort. INFORAD v3 GPS Speed Camera Warning Device User’s Guide ABC D EF GB Place your INFORAD device on the ? exible mat, which is designed to hold it ? rmly in place. Now connect the USB cable to the cigar lighter adapter provided and insert the other end to socket (E). Plug the adapter into the vehicle’s cigar lighter. INFORAD powers on once you turn your ignition key and a green LED (D) tells you that the unit is functioning correctly. Certain vehicles with ‘athermic windscreens’ may require an optional external antenna to boost recep- tion (see the web site for more information). In this case, connect the external antenna to socket (F). 3 - Using your INFORAD Once powered on, the green LEDs will sweep backwards and forwards as the unit searches for the minimum 3 satellite signals needed to calculate the device’s position. This search may take between 1 and 5 minutes depending on where you are. If you are on open ground, the search will be quicker than if you are surrounded by tall buildings or crossing a dense forest. Once the satellites have been located, the green LEDs will ‘freeze’ and you’ll hear a brief signal informing you that the satellites have been located. If you encounter any dif? culties, read section 5 “Capturing satellite signals” and failing that, contact our technical support team (see section 7 - Online technical support ). Buttons and controls (A) – The ‘volume’ control. Rotate backwards and forwards to adjust the volume of the audible alarms. N.B. Speed camera alarms are slightly louder than the others. (B) – The ‘record’ button. Press this button for more than 1 second to record your current position (a user-defined ‘Point of Interest’). A short melody informs you of a successful operation. These user-de? ned ‘Points of Interest’ (POIs) emit a dedicated alarm (see section 4 - Alarms) and can be managed later on using the INFORAD MANAGER software available from our web site. (C) – The ‘speed limit’ button. Press this button for more than 1 second to record the current speed of your vehicle. A short meolody will inform you that a speed limit has been successfully set. If you exceed this limit, the device will beep until your speed falls below the limit. To cancel this function, press the button again. N.B. Pressing buttons (B) and (C) together will invoke the self-test diagnostic programme. It is preferable to do this only when asked to do so by your reseller or a support technician. If you invoke the self-test diagnostic programme by accident, power the device down by disconnecting the USB cable and then power it back up agai... »

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