Notice SONY KDL-32V5500

Notice SONY KDL-32V5500

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Besoin d'aide pour l'utilisation de votre SONY KDL-32V5500 ? Le groupe d'entraide SONY KDL-32V5500 vous donne des conseils d'utilisation, solutions aux problèmes d’entretien, fonctionnement et assistance pour votre Téléviseur LCD. Rejoignez notre groupe d'entraide KDL-32V5500 qui compte 21 membre(s). L'inscription GRATUITE vous donne accès à différents services pour votre Téléviseur LCD : accès à la notice KDL-32V5500 et mode d'emploi pdf SONY KDL-32V5500, manuel d'utilisation en français, 10 avis consommateur et 6 discussion(s) de forum actif comprenant 8 participant(s), guide de l'utilisateur, photos, vidéos et SAV entre consommateurs.

SONY KDL-32V5500

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Manuel/Notice/Mode d'emploi | 6 846 K | Français
Manuel/Notice/Mode d'emploi | 35 829 K | Français
Questions/Réponses, FAQ, Support | Français

« KDL-52V55/56xx KDL-46V55/56xx KDL-40V55/56xx KDL-37V55/56xx KDL-32V55/56xx KDL-52W55xx KDL-46W55/57xx KDL-40W55/57xx KDL-37W55/57xx KDL-32W55/57xx KDL-46WE5 KDL-40WE5C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documentos\SONY TELES\00 MARTA_DTP IMDB\EX2L\4136111141\4136111141\ masterpage:Left 2 GB KDL-52/46/40/37/32V5500 x-xxx-xxx-xx(x) NOTICE FOR CUSTOMERS IN THE UNITED KINGDOM A moulded plug complying with BS1363 is fitted to this equipment for your safety and convenience. Should the fuse in the plug supplied need to be replaced, a 10 AMP fuse approved by ASTA or BSI to BS 1362 (i.e., marked with or ) must be used. When an alternative type of plug is used it should be fitted with a 10 AMP FUSE otherwise the circuit should be protected by a 10 AMP FUSE at the distribution board. If the plug supplied with this equipment has a detachable fuse cover, be sure to attach the fuse cover after you change the fuse. Never use the plug without the fuse cover. If you should lose the fuse cover, please contact your nearest Sony service station. How to replace the fuse Open the fuse compartment with a blade screwdriver, and replace the fuse.Please refer to the illustration that actually equipped with the product. Introduction Thank you for choosing this Sony product. Before operating the TV, please read this manual thoroughly and retain it for future reference. Notes on Digital TV function •Any functions related to Digital TV () will only work in countries or areas where DVB-T (MPEG-2 and H.264/MPEG-4 AVC) digital terrestrial signals are broadcast or where you have access to a compatible DVB-C (MPEG- 2 and H.264/MPEG-4 AVC) cable service. Please confirm with your local dealer if you can receive a DVB-T signal where you live or ask your cable provider if their DVB-C cable service is suitable for integrated operation with this TV. •Your cable provider may charge a fee for their services, or require you to agree to its terms and conditions of business. •This TV set complies with DVB-T and DVB-C specifications, but compatibility with future DVB-T digital terrestrial and DVB-C digital cable broadcasts are not guaranteed. •Some Digital TV functions may not be available in some countries/areas and DVB-C cable may not operate correctly with some providers. For a list of compatible cable providers, refer to the support web site: DVBC/ ~ •The illustrations used in this manual are of the KDL-40V55xx unless otherwise state. •The "x" that appear on the model name, correspond to numeric digits related to colour variation. Trademark information is a registered trademark of the DVB Project. HDMI, the HDMI logo and High- Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC. DLNA and DLNA CERTIFIED are trademarks and/or service marks of Digital Living Network Alliance. GUIDE Plus+™ is (1) a registered trademark or trademark of, (2) manufactured under license from and (3) subject of various international patents and patent applications owned by, or licensed to, Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc. and/or its related affiliates. GEMSTAR-TV GUIDE INTERNATIONAL, INC. AND/OR ITS RELATED AFFILIATES ARE NOT IN ANY WAY LIABLE FOR THE ACCURACY OF THE PROGRAM SCHEDULE INFORMATION PROVIDED BY THE GUIDE PLUS+ SYSTEM. IN NO EVEN... »

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