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Notice APPLE iPod U2

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Le groupe d'entraide APPLE iPod U2 vous donne des conseils d'utilisation, solutions aux problèmes de fonctionnement, entretien et assistance pour votre Baladeur MP3. Rejoignez GRATUITEMENT notre groupe d'entraide iPod U2 pour vous aider à mieux utiliser votre Baladeur MP3 APPLE. Le SAV entre consommateurs donne accès à différents services pour votre APPLE iPod U2 : accès à la notice iPod U2 et mode d'emploi pdf, manuel d'utilisation en français, avis consommateur et forum actif. Soyez le premier membre actif de ce groupe d'entraide.


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Manuel/Notice/Mode d'emploi | 5 236 K | Français
Manuel/Notice/Mode d'emploi | 1 585 K | Français

« a Dock Connector” 18 “Adjusting the Sound” 20 “Using the Apple Remote” 23 “Saving Battery Life” 24Chapter: 4 “Tips and Troubleshooting” 26Chapter: 5 “Learning More, Service, and Support” Contents 1 9 1 Welcome Congratulations on your new iPod Hi-Fi. Your iPod Hi-Fi is a high-quality portable speaker system that plays music from any iPod. You can also use it to play music from other audio devices. Note: Your power cord may look different from the one pictured here. iPod Hi-Fi iPod dock adaptersPower cord Apple Remote 10Chapter 1 Welcome iPod Hi-Fi Front View Note: You can use your iPod Hi-Fi with the speaker grille on or off. To best protect the speakers, leave the grille on. To avoid damage to the speakers, do not touch the speaker cones. Tuned bass reflex ports Woofer iPod connector Volume control buttons Wide-range driver Wide-range driver Status light Infrared (IR) receiver Removable speaker grille Chapter 1 Welcome 11 iPod Hi-Fi Rear View Audio input port AC power port Battery compartment 12 2 2 Setting Up Your iPod Hi-Fi You can set up and start listening to music on your iPod Hi-Fi in a few easy steps. Step 1: Plug In Your iPod Hi-Fi or Insert Batteries You can plug in your iPod Hi-Fi, or insert six D batteries to use it on the go. To use your iPod Hi-Fi on the go, insert six D batteries. Position the positive (+) and negative (–) terminals on the batteries as shown. You can also plug your iPod Hi-Fi into an outlet using the included power cord. Turn the latch with a coin to remove the battery compartment cover. Chapter 2 Setting Up Your iPod Hi-Fi 13 Step 2: Connect Your iPod Choose the dock adapter that fits your iPod. Your iPod fits snugly into the correct adapter. Note: If there is no dock adapter for your model of iPod included with your iPod Hi-Fi, you can purchase one at If you have an older iPod that doesn’t have a dock connector on the bottom, you can use an audio cable to connect it to the audio input port (see page 16). The number (4–11) shows which iPod fits 4 iPod 20GB and U2 Special Edition 40GB 5 iPod with color display 20GB, 30GB, and U2 Special Edition 40GB and 60GB 6 7 11 iPod nano (Second Generation) 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB iPod nano 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB 8 iPod with video 30GB 60GB and 80GB 9 10 14Chapter 2 Setting Up Your iPod Hi-Fi Insert the dock adapter into your iPod Hi-Fi and connect your iPod. The iPod Hi-Fi status light blinks green. Step 3: Play Music Browse for a song on iPod, then press Play (’ ) and enjoy! Use the buttons on your iPod Hi-Fi or on the included Apple Remote to increase or decrease the volume. You can remove the dock adapter with your fingernail by using this slot. Connector well Dock adapter 3 15 3 Using Your iPod Hi-Fi Read on to learn about connecting iPod to your iPod Hi-Fi, connecting other audio devices, adjusting the sound, using the Apple Remote, and more. Connecting iPod You can connect any iPod to your iPod Hi-Fi. If your iPod has a dock connector, you can insert it into your iPod Hi-Fi. If your iPod doesn’t have a dock connector, you can use an audio cable to connect it to the audio in... »

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