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« ilters: press inward on the clamp at the handle and pull the filter downward (Fig. 3). Wall fitting (Fig. 4): making use of the appropriate drilling jig, apply the supplied blocks into the wall, and remember the distance between the hood and the cooktop must be at least 65 cm. Insert two of the supplied screws so that the apparatus can be hooked onto these ones by means of the holes provided on the appliance (A). Once the apparatus is hooked, fix it definitively to the wall using the two other screws and the holes made at its bottom (B). To avoid damage make exclusive use of the holes already prepared on the hood. Securing the telescopic flue: Basic installation requirements: – Set the electrical power supply within the space covered by the decorative flue. – If your unit is installed in an Exhaust hood, prepare the air exhaust hole. Place bracket (W) 50 mm from the ceiling and position this on the vertical of your hood, with the aid of the notches on the centre of the bracket (Fig. 5); using a pen, mark the 2 holes on the wall and then make the holes and fit the screw anchors provided and proceed to secure the bracket using the 2 screws (provided). Exhaust hoods: connect the disposal duct to the air evacuation pipe of the hood; use a flexible pipe and lock it to the air evacuation pipe of the hood with a metal hose clamp (pipe and clamp are not provided). Make all power connections to the hood by means of the power cable. Take 2 assembled flues and place these on the upper surface of the hood. Raise the upper flue as far as the ceiling and secure it to the bracket using the 2 screws (Fig. 6). Filtering hood: make all power connections to the hood using the power cable. Fasten the air baffle to the lower flue as shown in Figure 7, using the 2 screws. Take 2 assembled flues and place these on the upper surface of the hood. Raise the upper flue as far as the ceiling and secure it to the bracket using the 2 screws (Fig. 6). Also remember that charcoal filters must be used in the case of the filtering version; check to see whether such filters are already fitted; if necessary, proceed to fit as follows, depending on the model type purchased: - if the hood features round charcoal filters (Fig. 8), fit the charcoal filter by turning anti-clockwise. - if the hood features a panel type charcoal filter (Fig. 9), remove the two metal filter retainers (M) and position the charcoal filter inside the grease filter; fit the two filter retainers back on again to secure the charcoal filter. OPERATION Depending on the model, the unit is equipped with the following controls: Controls shown in Fig. 10: Button A: light switch. Button B: first speed motor ON/OFF switch. Button C: second speed switch. Button D: third speed switch. E: motor on light. THE MOTOR FUNCTION WARNING LIGHT (E) IS NOT PRESENT IN SOME MODELS. Controls shown in Fig. 11: Button A: Light switch; position 0: light off; position 1: light on. Button B: Motor switch; position 0: motor off; position 1-2-3: motor on at speed I, II and III. C: Motor pilot lamp. Controls shown in Fig. 12: Button A: turns the LIGHTS off. Button B: turns the LIGHTS on. Button C: decreases speed down to minimum speed. If pressed for 2" the motor is turned off. Button D: activates the motor (calling the last speed used) and increases the speed until reaching maximum. Button E: FILTER ALARM/TIMER RESET: when pressing the key during display of the filter alarm (motor off) it r... »

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