Notice PHILIPS HR2074

Notice PHILIPS HR2074

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« stic blender jar IPlastic blender jar JLevel indication KBlender blade unit Blender with glass jar (HR2074 only): LMeasuring cup MOpening in lid NLid of glass blender jar OFruit filter PGlass blender jar QLevel indication RBlender blade unit Mill (HR2067/HR2061 only): SMill beaker TMill blade unit Citrus press (HR2066 only): UCone VSieve WJuice jug XDetachable gear unit Important Read these instructions for use carefully before using the appliance and save them for future reference. ?Check if the voltage indicated on the appliance corresponds to the local mains voltage before you connect the appliance. ?Do not use the appliance if the mains cord,the plug or other parts are damaged. ?If the mains cord is damaged,it must be replaced by Philips,a service centre authorised by Philips or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard. ?Avoid touching the blades,especially when the appliance is plugged in.The blades are very sharp! ?Always unplug the appliance from the mains before assembling,disassembling or making adjustments to any of the accessories and during cleaning. ?Never use any accessories or parts from other manufacturers or that have not been specifically advised by Philips.Your guarantee will become invalid if such accessories or parts have been used. ENGLISH6?Never immerse the motor unit in water or any other liquid,nor rinse it under the tap. Only use a moist cloth to clean the motor unit. ?Keep the appliance out of the reach of children. ?Never let the appliance run unattended. ?Do not exceed the maximum level indicated on the accessories. ?Do not exceed the maximum quantities and processing times indicated in the table. ?If the blades get stuck,unplug the appliance before removing the ingredients that are blocking the blades. ?Avoid touching the cutting edges of the blade units when cleaning them.They are very sharp and you could easily cut your fingers on them. ?Never use the accessories to switch the appliance on and off. ?Always make sure the lid is properly closed and the measuring cup has been inserted properly before you switch the appliance on. ?Make sure the blade unit is securely fastened to the blender jar before you assemble the jar onto the motor unit. ?The appliance can only be switched on if the blender jar,the mill or the citrus press has been correctly assembled onto the motor unit. Electromagnetic fields (EMF) This Philips appliance complies with all standards regarding electromagnetic fields (EMF).If handled properly and in accordance with the instructions in this instruction manual,the appliance is safe to use according to scientific evidence available today. Built-in safety lock This feature ensures that you can only switch the appliance on if the accesories have been placed on the motor unit in the correct position.When the accessories have been assembled correctly,the built-in safety lock will be unlocked. Before first use ?Thoroughly clean the parts that will come in contact with food before you use the appliance for the first time (see chapter 'Cleaning'). Using the appliance Blender ?The blender is intended for: -Blending fluids,e.g.dairy products,sauces,fruit juices,soups,mixed drinks,shakes. -Mixing soft ingredients,e.g.pancake batter or mayonnaise. -Pureeing cooked ingredients,e.g.for making baby food. Preparing the blender for use 1Screw the blender blade unit anticlockwise onto the blender jar (fig.2). 2Mount the blen... »

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