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Notice KENWOOD KM001

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« ken mit Kenwood Robust. Zuverlässig. Vielseitig. Kenwood. página25instruções Ci congratuliamo con Lei dell’acquisto di questo elettrodomestico Kenwood. Con una tale ampia gamma di accessori disponibili, questo apparecchio è molto più di un semplice mixer, è un modernissimo apparecchio da cucina. Ci auspichiamo che Le piacerà. Robusto. Affidabile. Versatile. Kenwood. blz.33instructies Gefeliciteerd met de aankoop van uw Kenwood keukenmachine. Er zijn zo veel accessoires verkrijgbaar dat je deze machine niet meer gewoon een mixer kunt noemen. Het is een echte keukenmachine en we hopen dan ook dat u er veel plezier van zult hebben. Krachtig, betrouwbaar en veelzijdig, dat is Kenwood. Kenwood English Français Deutsch Italiano Nederlandssafety Switch off and unplug before fitting or removing tools/attachments, after use and before cleaning. This machine is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons without supervision. Keep your fingers away from moving parts and fitted attachments. Never leave the machine on unattended. Never use a damaged machine. Get it checked or repaired: see ‘service’, page 6. Never use an unauthorised attachment or more than one attachment at once. Never exceed the maximum capacities on page 2. Don’t let children play with this machine. When using an attachment, read the safety instructions that come with it. Only use this machine for its intended domestic use. Take care when lifting this appliance as it is heavy. Ensure the head is locked and that the bowl, tools, outlet covers and cord are secure before lifting. before plugging in important - UK onlyMake sure your electricity supply is the same as the one shown on the underside of your machine. The wires in the cord are coloured as follows: Blue = Neutral, Brown = Live. This machine complies with European Economic Community Directive 89/336/EEC. before using for the first time 1Remove all packaging. 2Wash the parts: see ‘care and cleaning’, page 6. 3Push excess cord into the cord stowage compartment at the back of the machine. know your Kenwood kitchen machine attachment outletshigh-speed outlet medium speed outlet the mixerslow-speed outlet tool socket mixer head outlet catch bowl head-lift lever on/off and speed switch power unit K-beater whisk dough hook spatula splashguard know your Kenwoodkitchen machine 1 0 min 1 2 34 5 6 P          EnglishCHEF 0 min 12 3 P CHEF 0 min 12 3 P CHEF 0 min 12 3 P 0 min max 123 4 5 6 P   the mixing tools and some of their uses K-beaterFor making cakes, biscuits, pastry, icing, fillings, éclairs and mashed potato. whiskFor eggs, cream, batters, fatless sponges, meringues, cheesecakes, mousses, soufflés. Don’t use the whisk for heavy mixtures (eg creaming fat and sugar) - you could damage it. dough hookFor yeast mixtures. to use your mixer 1Turn the head-lift lever clockwise and raise the mixer head till it locks. to insert a tool2Turn till it stops then push. 3Fit the bowl onto the base - press down and turn clockwise  4To lower the mixer head, raise it slightly, then turn the head lift lever clockwise. Lower into the locked position. 5Switch on and turn the speed switch to the desired setting. Switch to pulse for short bursts. to remove a tool6Unscrew. hintsSwitch off and scrape the bowl with the spatula frequently. Eggs at... »

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