Notice GEEMARC CL100

Notice GEEMARC CL100

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Besoin d'aide pour l'utilisation de votre GEEMARC CL100 ? Le groupe d'entraide GEEMARC CL100 vous donne des conseils d'utilisation, solutions aux problèmes d’entretien, fonctionnement et assistance pour votre Téléphone fixe. Rejoignez notre groupe d'entraide CL100 qui compte 99 membre(s). L'inscription GRATUITE vous donne accès à différents services pour votre Téléphone fixe : accès à la notice CL100 et mode d'emploi pdf GEEMARC CL100, manuel d'utilisation en français, 18 avis consommateur et 13 discussion(s) de forum actif comprenant 18 participant(s), guide de l'utilisateur, photos, vidéos et SAV entre consommateurs.


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« telephone6 - Ringer settings7 - Pulse/Tone switch8 - Time breack recall switch8 - Wall mounting8 Using the phone - Answering incoming call9 - Volume and tone receiving adjustment9 - Making a call11 - Sending volume adjustment11 - Last number redial12 - Recall, * & # buttons12 - Mute button12 - Storing telephone numbers13 - Dialling stored number14 Guarantee15 E 2FSOMMAIRE Description16 Installation - Raccordements18 - Sonnerie19 - Fréquence décimale/vocale (Interrupteur Pulse/Tone)20 - Interrupteur 300ms / 100ms20 - Position murale20 Utilisation - Recevoir un appel21 - Réglage du volume et de la tonalité de réception21 - Appeler23 - Réglage du volume d’émission23 - Rappel du dernier numéro24 - Touches R, * & #24 - Fonction secret24 - Mémoriser un numéro de téléphone25 - Appel d’un numéro en mémoire26 Garantie27 3DESCRIPTION 4 Tone reception adjustment Last number redial Memory storing key 3 emergency numbers Tone and volume adjustment auto- matically activated each time you hang-up the phone Volume reception adjustment Handset cord socket Clip for wall mounting Time break recall button OFFON TONE5 Mute button Flashing incoming ring indicator Direct memory buttons Sending volume adjustment Ring level adjust- ment Line socket Key to activate tone and volume adjustment function Red light for tone and volume activation VOLUMEHandset cord PTT Plug (*) Line cordWall mounting screw holes index card SETTINGUP 1 - CONNECTING TELEPHONE 1 - Connect the handset cord. 2 - Open the battery compartment by unscrewing the retaining screw and pulling back the latch. 3 - Insert correctly 4 x AAA 1.5V alkaline battery (not supplied) in the battery compartment (*). Bat- teries are required if you wish to increase the ring level of 10 dB. 4 - Snap the battery door back in place and re- place the retaining screw. 5 - Connect the line cord. 1 2 3 Tone/Pulse switch Time break recall switch (E=100ms) 6 (*)ClassifiedTNV-3according toEN60950standard. Battery compartment (*)SETTINGUP 6 - Connect the PTT plug in the wall socket. 2 - RINGER SETTINGS A switch located on right side allows the ringer to be switched HI,LOW,OFF: : Off, : Low, : Hi Your phone comes with the ringer switched to «High» and the melody set to «6»: Low Mid High Melody 11 2 3 Melody 24 5 6(by default) Melody 37 8 9 If you don’t like the ringer melody,you can choose a new one by changing the settings as follow: - Lift the handset. - Press button. - Press # button. - Press any button 1 to 9. Ringer will be activated on next call. Note: The ring level will be increased of 10 dB if you insert batteries into the battery compartment. 7SETTINGUP 3 - TONE/PULSE SWITCH (T/P) The Tone/Pulse switch is factory pre-set to Tone position.In the UK,all telephone exchanges now use Tone dialing.If your phone does not dial out it is probably being used from an older private switch board (PBX).In this case,the Tone/Pulse switch must be moved to Pulse. 4 -TIME BREAK RECALL SWITCH (300/100) For UK, the TBR switch is factory pre-set to 100ms. It can be switched to 300ms for other locations or PBX’s. 5 - WALL MOUNTING To wall-mount your telephone,slide out the clip turn around and slide back into the wall mounting posi- tion (located in the base unit, just below the ear piece).This will ensure that the handset stays fi... »

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