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Notice PARROT CK3300

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« direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential dama- ges arising out of the use or inability to use this product or documentation, even if advised of the possibility of such damages. This document contains materials protec- ted by copyright. All rights are reserved. No part of this manual may be reproduced or transmitted in any for, by any means or for any purpose without express written consent. Product names appearing in this document are mentioned fot identification purposes only. All trademarks, product names appearing in this document are regis- tred property of their respective owners. FCC Compliance Statement : This device complies with part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is sub- ject to the following two conditions : 1- This device may not cause harmful interference. 2- This device must accept any interference received, including inter- ference that may cause undesired operation. Declaration of Conformity: We, Parrot S.A. of 174 Quai de Jemmapes, 75010 Paris, France, declare under our sole responsibility that our product, CK3100, CK3300, CK3500, to which this declaration relates is in conformity with appropriate standards EN300328, EN301489-17, EN 60950 following the provision of Radio Equipment and Telecommunication Equipment directive 1995/5/EC with requirements covering EMC directive 89/336/EEC and Low Voltage directive 73/23/EEC. Bluetooth: The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth® SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Parrot S.A is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.English User’s guide ENCK3100 Advanced Car Kit6User’s guide OUTLINE Bluetooth technology offers voice and data transmission via a short-distance radio link. It can link a wide range of wireless electronic equipments and spread the communication possibili- ties of mobile telephones and numerous pieces of equipment. Based in Paris, founded in 1994 by Henri SEYDOUX, Parrot S.A is one of the fastest-growing companies. From the very beginning its specialties have been technologies associated with voice recognition and signal processing for telecoms and cars. The Parrot CK3100 Car Kit allows you to use your cellular phone while driving your car with the best of comfort and the best security possible. The names of your callers will appear on the screen. Your phonebook is accessible from the control screen. The voice command and the voice recognition allow you to use it without letting goof your steering scroll button. Your conversation is carried over the loud speakers in your vehicle. On the screen you can access your telephone phonebook. Caller name display. Voice recognition. Volume control. Mutes the in-car radio. Dual call. Pick-up and hang-up via voice command. INTRODUCTION FunctionalitiesCK3100 Advanced Car Kit7 EN User’s guide LCD screen Power cable electronic box microphone mute cable manual Contents of the package CK3100 MOUNTING Installation of the electronic box The CK3100 system is fitted with 4 outputs: Input - in-car radio output LCD screen power microphone It is recommended to install all the cables before fixing the control box. Each cable supplied has a different connector to avoid wrong connections. The box must not be installed near the heating or the air-con- ditioning. Ensure that it is not exposed to sunlight. Avoid installing it... »

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