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« etween calendar and alarm-time displays Displays the alarm time or sets the alarm status E.[] Battery-low indicator Lights up when batteries are running dry F.[] Alarm-on icon Appears when the alarm is activated G.[] Alarm icon Appears when the alarm time is displayed H.[MODE] button Toggles between display modes and activates the calendar clock setting mode I.[] button To lock all the key of the unit J.UP [] button Increases the value of a setting Initiates radio reception (Press and hold for rapids settings) K.DOWN [] button Decreases the value of a setting Stops radio reception (Press and hold for rapids settings) L.Battery compartment Accommodates two UM-4 or “AAA” size batteries M.Table stand N.[RESET] button Resets the unit to its original factory settings BATTERY INSTALLATION The unit uses two (2) UM-4 or “AAA” size 1.5V batteries. To insert batteries: 1.Slide the battery door in the direction of the arrow. [FIG. D] 2.Insert the batteries strictly according to the polarities shown therein.[FIG. B] 3.Replace the battery compartment door. If not disposed of properly batteries can be harmful. Protect the environment by taking exhausted batteries to authorized disposal stations. Note: Battery-low indicator “” Replace the batteries when the battery-low indicator lights up. Note: After replacing the batteries, the entire display will activate for about 1 second, then LCD will show as in. ABOUT RADIO RECEPTION The RM822 / RM823 is a radio frequency (RF) controlled clock. When located within a 1500km radius of radio signal (DCF77) at Frankfurt, Germany, the clock time will automatically synchronize with DCF77 time-signal transmission. The benefit of a RF controlled clock is that highly-accurate time is maintained and manual adjustments to the time and date are not be required. (UK version within a 1500km radius of radio signal (MSF) from Rugby, England) When the batteries are first installed, the RM822 / RM823 will automatically search for a radio signal. When in search mode, the antenna icon [] will blink. This process takes between two (2) and ten (10) minutes. After initial search, short periodic reception- signal scans will commence several times a day. The antenna icon indicates the quality of reception. DIGITAL TRAVEL RADIO-FREQUENCY (RF) CONTROLLED CLOCK MODEL: RM822 (UK VERSION RM823) INSTRUCTION MANUAL -Strong -Weak -No signal -Receiving FIG. A FIG. C FIG. B Note: Adjusting the time may conflict with radio signal. In this case, the received signal takes priority and will override the manual setting. The day-of-the-week is displayed as an abbreviation in four languages. Abbreviated Four Language Day-Of-The-Week Chart ABOUT THE ALARM TIME Two independent alarm times are available: alarm 1 and alarm 2. 1.Press [ ON / OFF ], alarm-time 1 is displayed and indicated by [1]. 2.Press [ ON / OFF ] again, alarm-time 2 is displayed and indicated by [2]. SETTING AN ALARM TIME To set an alarm time: 1.Press [] to select alarm 1. Press again and hold 3-seconds. 2.Set the alarm time Steps Setting Action 1.Minutes Adjust with or and confirm with []. 2.Hours Adjust with or and confirm with []. 3.Press [] to confirm. Press a final time to exit alarm set mode. Setting Alarm Two -Enter alarm-2 setting mode and follow instructions as for alarm 1. ABOUT ALARM SOUND The four-step crescendo function allows the al... »

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