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Type : Lecteur / enregistreur, Médias enregistrables : CD-R|CD-RW, Formats audio compatibles : MP3|CD, Télécommande : Sans télécommande

Le SAV entre consommateurs du groupe d’entraide PHILIPS CDR802 vous permet de recevoir des solutions aux problèmes d’utilisation, conseils d’entretien, fonctionnement et assistance pour votre Lecteur CD PHILIPS. Rejoignez GRATUITEMENT le groupe d'entraide CDR802 qui compte 3 membre(s) utilisateur(s) de ce produit. Devenir membre vous donne accès à différents services gratuits pour votre Lecteur CD : accès au mode d'emploi PDF et à la notice CDR802 en français PHILIPS CDR802, guide de l'utilisateur, avis consommateur et forum actif, manuel d’utilisation, photos, vidéo et informations.


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Manuel/Notice/Mode d'emploi | 4 546 K | Français
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« e colour markings identifying the terminals in your plug,proceed as fol- lows: – Connect the blue wire to the terminal marked N or coloured black. – Connect the brown wire to the terminal marked L or coloured red. – Do not connect either wire to the earth terminal in the plug,marked E (ore) or coloured green (or green and yellow). Before replacing the plug cover,make certain that the cord grip is clamped over the sheath of the lead - not simply over the two wires. Copyright in the U.K. Recording and playback of material may require consent.See Copyright Act 1956 and The Performer’s Protection Acts 1958 to 1972. Norge Typeskilt ?nnes på apparatens bakside. Observer:Nettbryteren er sekundert innkoplet.Den innebygde netdelen er derfor ikke frakoplet nettet så lenge apparatet er tilsluttet nettkontakten. For å redusere faren for brann eller elektrisk støt;skal apparatet ikke utsettes for regn eller fuktighet. For Customer Use: Read carefully the information located at the back plate of your CD recorder/player and enter below the Serial N°.Retain this information for future reference. Model N°...............CDR800........................................................ Serial N°............................................................................................................ xp CDR 800/00 eng.-1.1 18-07-2001 13:54 Pagina 2Index 3 English Français Español________________________________________________________________________48 Deutsch________________________________________________________________________71 Enlish___________________________________________________________________________4 Fraçais_________________________________________________________________________26 EspañolDeutsch xp CDR 800/00 eng.-1.1 18-07-2001 13:54 Pagina 3The following text contains updated information in addition to the supplied instruction manual. Loading discs,page 13 MP3 discs onlyWhen loading an MP3-CD,there will be no upcounting of tracks and the volume name will not be shown. When displaying album or track names,CDand the disc tray number or CDRare not displayed (in order to display the name better). Changing discs during play/recordingIt is not possible to open the CD changer during recording. Playing,page 13 PlayingDuring playback of an MP3 disc,pressing DISPLAY will display the album number,track number and track name. When playback of an MP3 disc is stopped,CDand the disc tray number or CDRare not displayed but only the ?rst track name of the current album (in order to display the name better). Playing,page 14 MP3 Disc navigationDuring playback,press DISPLAY to display the album number,track number and track name. Track selection and playbackWhen rotating the ¡EASY JOG ™,the display shows TRACKtogether with the track number. Playing,page 15 Shuf?e and repeatPlease ignore the note about MP3 discs during shuf?e play. REPEATDISCis not possible for an MP3 disc. REPEATTRACKis not possible during SHUFFLE. Programming,page 16 Programming track numbersA program with MP3 tracks can only be created from one CD. About recording,page 17 Adjusting the record levelThe record level from the internal changer can only be adjusted during recording. Special features,page 23 Text edit (on CD recorder only) - Deleting and substituting a character You do not have to press YES to con?rm deleting or substituting a character. Addendum CDR-800 / CDR-802 English 3103 306 1846 1Printed in Hungar... »

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