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Notice MICROSOFT Kinect

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« covering this product appears in this manual, which is also available online at WARNING Before allowing children to use the Kinect sensor: • Determine how each child is able to use the sensor (playing games, chatting or video messaging with other players online) and whether they should be supervised during these activities. • If you allow children to use the sensor without supervision, be sure to explain all relevant safety and health information and instructions. Make sure children using the Kinect sensor play safely. Make sure children using the Kinect sensor play safely and within their limits, and make sure they understand proper use of the system.2 english Thanks for choosing the Xbox 360® Kinect™ Sensor. The Kinect sensor offers a revolutionary new way to play: you’re the controller. Just move around and see what happens. Control your Xbox 360 with a wave of your hand. The only experience you need is life experience. The Kinect sensor is for use with the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system. To learn more about using the Kinect sensor with a speci?c game, see the documentation that came with your game. XBOX 360 KINECT SENSOR Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor3 english 6 ft (1.8m) ADEQUATE SPACE FOR PLAYING WARNING Make sure you have enough space to move freely while playing Gameplay with your Kinect sensor may require varying amounts of movement. Make sure you won’t hit, run into, or trip over other players, bystanders, pets, furniture, or other objects when playing. If you will be standing and/or moving during gameplay, you will also need good footing. Before playing: • Look in all directions (right, left, forward, backward, down, and up) for things you might hit or trip over. • Make sure your play space is far enough away from windows, walls, stairs, etc. • Make sure there is nothing you might trip on—toys, furniture, or loose rugs, for example. Also, be aware of children and pets in the area. If necessary, move objects or people out of the play space. • Don’t forget to look up. Be aware of light ?xtures, fans, and other objects overhead when assessing the play space. While playing: • Stay far enough away from the television to avoid contact. • Keep enough distance from other players, bystanders, and pets. This distance may vary between games, so take account of how you are playing when determining how far away you need to be. • Stay alert for objects or people you might hit or trip on. People and objects can move into the area during gameplay, so always be alert to your surroundings. Make sure you always have good footing while playing: • Play on a level ?oor with enough traction for game activities. • Make sure you have appropriate footwear for gaming (no high heels, ?ip ?ops, etc.) or are barefoot, if appropriate. The Kinect sensor needs to be able to see you, and you need room to move. The sensor can see you when you play approximately 6 feet (2 meters) from the sensor. For two people, you should play approximately 8 feet (2.5 meters) from the sensor. Play space will vary based on your sensor placement and other factors. See your game’s instructions for more information about whether it requires only part of the sensor play space.4 english CHOOSE A LOCATION FOR YOUR SENSOR For the best play space and sensor performance, place your sensor betwe... »

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