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DD-15 - Caisson De Basse

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« on the subwoofer and in the operating instructions should be adhered to. 4. Follow Instructions -All operating and use instructions should be followed. 5. Water and Moisture -The subwoofer should not be used near water -for example, near a balhtub, washbowl, kitchen sink, laundry tub, in a wet basement, near a swimming pool or Ihe like. 6. Carts and Slands -The subwoofer should be used only wiIh a cart or stand reoommended by the manufacturer. 7. Wall or Ceiling Mounting -The subwoofer should be mounted to a wall or oailing only as reoommended by Ihe manufacturer. 8. Ventilation -The subwoofer should be siluated so that ilB location or position does not interfere with its proper ventilation. For example, Ihe subwoofer should not be s~uated on a bed, sofa, rug, or similar surfaoa that may block Ihe ventilation openings; or plaoad in a bui~~n installation such as a bookcase or cabinet that may impede the flow of air through Ihe ventilation openings. 9. Heat -The subwoofer should be siluated away from heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other subwoofers that produoa heat 10. Power Sources -The subwoofer should be oonnec:ted to a power supply only of Ihe type desaibed in Ihe operating inslructions or as marked on the subwoofer. 11. Power-Cord Protection -Power-supply oords should be routed so Ihat Ihey are not likely to be walked on or pinched by ~ems plaoad upon or against them, paying particular attention to oords at plugs, oonvenience receptacles, and the point at which they ex~ from Ihe subwoofer. 12. 'Caution: b prevent elec:tncal shock, match wide blade of plug to wide slot, fully inserted.' 13. Cleaning -The subwoofer should be cleaned only as reoommended by the manufacturer. 14. Nonuse Panods -The power oord of the subwoofer should be unplugged from Ihe outiet when left unused for a long peOOd of time. 15. Object and Liquid Entry -Care should be laken so Ihat objects do not fall and liquids are not spilled onto the enclosure. 16. Damage Requiring Servioa -The subwoofer should be servioad by qualified servioa personnel when: a. The power-supply oord or plug has been damaged. b. Objects have fallen or liquid has been spilled into Ihe subwoofer. c. The subwoofer has been exposed to rain. d. The subwoofer does not appear to operate normally or exhibits a marked change in performanoa. e. The subwoofer has been dropped or damaged. 17. Servicing -The user should not attempt to servioa Ihe subwoofer beyond what is described in Ihe operating inslructions. 18. The apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing water and Ihat no objects filled wilh liquids, such as vases be plaoad on Ihe apparatus. 19. The disoonnec! device (the appliance inlet) shall remain readily operable (easily assessable). All other selVicing should be refetred to qualified selVioa personnel. o Attention! ii.www.velodyne.comManuel de l’utilisateur Digital Drive ATTENTION A e pas ouvri Attention Alin d'eviter tout risque d'electrocution, ne pas enlever Ie couvercle (ou la partie amere). AuaJne piece interne ne peut etre manipulae par I'utilisateur Confiez I'entretien ~ un personnel qualifis. Le symbole de I'eclair avec la flilche sert Ii avertir I'utilisateur de la presence d'une « tension dangereuse » non isolee dans I'enceinte du produn; cette tension paut Atre assez elevt\e pour provoquer un danger d'electrocution pour les personnes. Le symbole du p... »

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