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« fied is dangerous and may cause a fire and/or electric shock. 5To reduce the risk or fire or electric shock, do not expose this unit to rain or moisture. 6Do not use force on switches, controls or connection wires. When moving the unit, first disconnect the power plug and the wires connected to other equipments. Never pull the wires themselves. 7When not planning to use this unit for a long period (i.e., vacation, etc.), disconnect the AC power plug from the wall outlet. 8Since this unit has a built-in power amplifier, heat will radiate from the bottom panel. Place the unit apart from the walls to prevent fire or damage. Allow ventilation space of at least 10 cm on the top, 20 cm on the left and right, and 20 cm on the back of this unit. 9Do not cover this unit with a newspaper, a tablecloth, a curtain, etc. in order not to obstruct heat radiation. If the temperature inside the unit rises, it may cause fire, damage to the unit and/ or personal injury. 10Do not place the following objects on this unit: - Glass, china, small metallic etc. If glass etc. falls by vibrations and breaks, it may cause bodily injury. - A burning candle etc.If the candle falls by vibrations, it may cause fire and bodily injury. - A vessel with water in it If the vessel falls by vibrations and water spills, it may cause damage to the speaker, and/or you may get an electric shock. 11Do not place this unit where foreign objects such as water drips might fall. It might cause a fire, damage to this unit, and/or personal injury. 12Never put a hand or a foreign object into the YST port located on the front side of this unit. When moving this unit, do not hold the port as it might cause personal injury and/or damage to this unit. 13Never place a fragile object near the YST port of this unit. If the object falls or drops by the air pressure, it may cause damage to the unit and/or personal injury. 14Never open the cabinet. It might cause an electric shock since this unit uses a high voltage. It might also cause personal injury and/or damage to this unit. 15When using a humidifier, be sure to avoid condensation inside this unit by allowing enough spaces around this unit or avoiding excess humidification. Condensation might cause a fire, damage to this unit, and/or electric shock. 16Super-bass frequencies reproduced by this unit may cause a turntable to generate a howling sound. In such a case, move this unit away from the turntable. 17This unit may be damaged if certain sounds are continuously output at high volume level. For example, if 20 Hz-50 Hz sine waves from a test disc, bass sounds from electronic instruments, etc. are continuously output, or when the stylus of a turntable touches the surface of a disc, reduce the volume level to prevent this unit from being damaged. 18If you hear distorted noise (i.e., unnatural, intermittent “rapping” or “hammering” sounds) coming from this unit, reduce the volume level. Extremely loud playing of a movie soundtrack’s low frequency, bass-heavy sounds or similarly loud popular music passages can damage this speaker system. 19Vibration generated by super-bass frequencies may distort images on a TV. In such a case, move this unit away from the TV set. 20Do not attempt to clean this unit with chemical solvents as this might damage the finish. Use a clean, dry cloth. 21Be sure to read the “Troubleshooting” section regarding... »

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