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Notice SAMSUNG Digimax 130

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« io communication. There is however, no guarantee that interference will not occur in a some situations. Should any interference occur when this device is in operation, please try one or more of the following measures. Change the location and direction of any aerial. Increase distance between camera and affected device. Use a different socket away from the affected device. Please contact a Samsung agent or a radio/TV engineer. This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. ENGLISH 3 MANUFACTURE’S CONTENTS MANUFACTURE’S CONTENTS Please check that you have the correct contents before using this product. AC Adapter Digital camera 4 AA Alkaline Pouch Batteries User manual Video cable USB cable CompactFlashcard (CF CARD) Accessories (Optional) Camera strap Application S/W, Driver CD-ROM Product warrantyTHIS DIGITAL CAMERA CAN BE USED FOR 4 Viewing images on TV Editing images on a PC Recording images onto CD Printing imagesENGLISH 55 THIS DIGITAL CAMERA CAN BE USED FOR Inserting images directly into any electronic document Taking a self-portrait and using the image to personalize name cards You can even create your own unique gift-wrap paper by using your digital images. Creation of a digital photo album6 CONTENTS Ready Basic Advanced Software Getting to know your camera7 Safety note8 Identification and features10 Viewfinder12 LCD panel indicator13 LCD menu14 Ready15 Connecting to Power15 Using the batteries15 Using the AC power adapter16 Inserting CF CARD17 Removing CF CARD17 Instructions on how to use CF CARD18 Selecting the date and time20 Attaching the strap21 Software manual52 Please read the user manual carefully before using the camera52 System requirements53 How to set up the software54 How to set up the software54 Setting up Camera Driver55 Setting up the MGI PhotoSuite III SE57 Setting up the MGI PhotoVista59 How to use editing software61 MGI PhotoSuite III SE61 MGI PhotoVista74 Setting up Camera Driver for Mac80 Setting up the function33 Setting up the function by using a LCD monitor33 Record mode33 Play mode37 Setup mode41 Delete mode47 PC mode49 Before contacting service center50 Specifications51 Select the quality and the resolution mode31 Select the Self-timer mode32 Checking the battery32 Camera working mode22 Now lets take a picture22 Identificationsand Functions24 Digital zoom 26 Instruction of camera mode28 Record mode28 Play mode28 Set up mode29 Delete mode29 PC mode29 LED Messages29 Setting up the function30 Setting up the function by using the LCD panel30 Select the Flash mode30ENGLISH 7 GETTING TO KNOW YOUR CAMERA About the image mark This manual contains instructions on using this camera that will help you to use this camera safely and correctly. This will help prevent danger and injury to others. Prior to using this camera, please read the user manual thoroughly. Keep the manual in a safe place. Warning This is a descriptive statement warning of the result if the instructions are ignored or not understood. Note This explains use of the camera, please refer to this. Reference This should assist further in the operation of the camera.8 SAFETY NOTE WARNING Do not attempt to modify this camera in any way. This may result in fire, injury, electric shock or severe damage to you or your camera. Internal inspection, maintenance and r... »

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