Notice SHARP TL-M4600

Notice SHARP TL-M4600

Mode d'emploi SHARP TL-M4600 disponible.

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Le groupe d'entraide SHARP TL-M4600 vous donne des conseils d'utilisation, solutions aux problèmes de fonctionnement, entretien et assistance pour votre Ecran PC. Rejoignez GRATUITEMENT notre groupe d'entraide TL-M4600 pour vous aider à mieux utiliser votre Ecran PC SHARP. Le SAV entre consommateurs donne accès à différents services pour votre SHARP TL-M4600 : accès à la notice TL-M4600 et mode d'emploi pdf, manuel d'utilisation en français, avis consommateur et forum actif. Soyez le premier membre actif de ce groupe d'entraide.


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« ble with the plug supplied, cut off the mains plug and ?t an appropriate type. DANGER: The fuse from the cut-off plug should be removed and the cut-off plug destroyed immediately and disposed of in a safe manner. Under no circumstances should the cut-off plug be inserted elsewhere into a 13A socket outlet, as a serious electric shock may occur. To ?t an appropriate plug to the mains lead, follow the instructions below: WARNING: THIS APPARATUS MUST BE EARTHED. IMPORTANT: The wires in this mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following code: Green-and-yellow : Earth Blue : Neutral Brown : Live As the colours of the wires in the mains lead of this apparatus may not correspond with the coloured markings identifying the terminals in your plug proceed as follows: • The wire which is coloured green-and-yellow must be connected to the terminal in the plug which is marked by the letter E or by the safety earth symbol or coloured green or green-and-yellow. • The wire which is coloured blue must be connected to the terminal which is marked with the letter N or coloured black. • The wire which is coloured brown must be connected to the terminal which is marked with the letter L or coloured red. IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBT, CONSULT A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN. • The supplied CD-ROM contains operation instructions in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Arabic. Carefully read through the operation instructions before operating the monitor. • Die mitgelieferte CD-ROM enthält Betriebsanleitungen auf Englisch, Deutsch, Französisch, Spanisch, Italienisch, Russisch und Arabisch. Lesen Sie die Betriebsanleitung sorgfältig durch, bevor Sie den Monitor in Betrieb nehmen. • Le CD-ROM fourni contient les instructions d’utilisation en anglais, allemand, français, espagnol, italien, russe et arabe. Lisez attentivement ces instructions avant d’utiliser le moniteur. • El CD-ROM suministrado contiene instrucciones de uso en inglés, alemán, francés, español, italiano, ruso y árabe. Lea atentamente las instrucciones de uso antes de utilizar el monitor. • Il CD-ROM fornito in dotazione contiene istruzioni in inglese, tedesco, francese, spagnolo, italiano, russo e arabo. Leggere attentamente le istruzioni d’uso prima di utilizzare il monitor. • ?? ????? CD-ROM ?? ????????? ???????? ?????????? ??????????? ?? ???????????? ? ????????? ???????? ?? ??????????, ????????, ???????????, ?????????, ???????????, ??????? ? ???????? ??????. ????? ???, ??? ?? ?????????? ? ??????, ??????????? ???????????? ? ??????? ??????????. ii ??? ??????? ?????? ?????? ??? ????? ???? ?????? ??? ?? ????? ??? ?? ???? ?? ???????? .???????? ??? ???????? ?????? ?? ?????? ???? ? ???????? ?????? ??? ?? ?????? ??????? ?????? ??? ?? ?????? ???? ???????? ???? ????? ????? ??? .8 ???? ? »?????? ????????« • • :?????? ??? :??????? ????? SPECIAL NOTE FOR USERS IN THE U.K. The mains lead of this product is ?tted with a non-rewireable (moulded) plug incorporating a 10A fuse. Should the fuse need to be replaced, a BSI or ASTA approved BS 1362 fuse marked or and of the same rating as above, which is also indicated on the pin face of the plug, must be used. Always re?t the fuse cover after replacing the fuse. Never use the plug without the fuse cover ?tted. In the unlikely event of the socket outlet in your home not being compatible with the plug supplied, cut off the mains plug and ?t an appropriate type. DANGER: The... »

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