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« . The built-in Sleep function lets you play the unit for up to 60 minutes before it shuts off automatically.See page 12. Ifthere is a power failure or you unplug the MicroSystem CD to move it,the station presets, clock time,and all other settings are retained for up to 48 hours. The MicroSystem CD will wake you up even ifthere is a power failure! See page 3. When the system is in use,you can change the display to show either the time or status ofthe program to which you are listening.See page 12. The display dims automatically in the darkness.You can change the threshold ifyou wish. See page 13. Store the Remote Control in the flip-down door or use its magnet to “dock”it on a refrigerator or other metal surface.See page 3. Play the MicroSystem CD through another sound system or use it as a recording center.Or, you can connect a subwoofer for use in very large rooms and reconfigure the system’s operation.See page 14. Connect external FM and/or AM antennas for even better reception.See page 16.3Owner’s Manual Please save this owner’s manual for future reference.Ifyou should need an additional copy,it may be downloaded from the Boston Acoustics website: Unpacking the MicroSystem CD Please save all the original packaging because it will provide the safest way to transport your unit. Once unpacked,open the flip-down door and remove the Remote Control.Remove the paper tab on the Remote Control to activate the battery. The backup alarm Installing the supplied 9-volt battery in the compartment on the bottom ofthe MicroSystem CD will ensure that a beeper alarm will operate even ifthere is a power failure.Ifthe battery needs replacement or ifthere is not a battery connected,you will see a “battery low”message whenever the MicroSystem CD is switched on. Note:Please check with local laws and regulations regarding the proper disposal ofbatteries. 9V 9-volt 1234Plugging in the power cord and Positioning the FM antenna The FM antenna comes attached. The Remote Control Turns Power On or Off Next Station/CD Track Previous Station/CD Track Plays or Pauses a CD Selects a Source Snooze/Sleep Mutes the Sound Stops a CD Controls the Display Volume Up Volume Down Select MP3 Folders Station Presets 240v230v 1.Straighten out the antenna to its full length. 2.Orient the wire for the best reception.(The position for the best reception is guaranteed by Murphy’s Law to be wherever it looks the worst,like draped over the front ofthe kitchen counter.) 3.You can use the included self-adhesive antenna clips to secure the FM antenna wire to a surface. FM Antenna5The Control Panel The Basics Setting the clock Note:Ifthere is a power outage or you unplug the MicroSystem CD,the clock will continue to run and all other settings will remain in memory for up to 48 hours. Turning on the system Snooze / Sleep On/offTune / TrackVolume SetupAlarm 1Alarm 2SetupClock CDAUX456 FMAM123Info 101211 789 1-2-3-CDplay- DC Turns Power On or Off Next Station/CD Track Previous Station/CD Track Selects a Source Stops a CD Controls the Display Volume Up Volume Down Station Presets Repeat/Shuffle a CD Plays or Pauses a CD Snooze/Sleep Sets Alarm 1 Sets Alarm 2 Press the Clockbutton for one second until the displayed time begins flashing.While it is flashing,use the Tune/Track arrow buttons to set the clock time.When you are finished, the display will stop... »

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