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Notice GEAR4 HouseParty IV

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Besoin d'aide pour l'utilisation de votre GEAR4 HouseParty IV ? Le groupe d'entraide GEAR4 HouseParty IV vous donne des conseils d'utilisation, solutions aux problèmes d’entretien, fonctionnement et assistance pour votre Enceinte acoustique. Rejoignez notre groupe d'entraide HouseParty IV qui compte 6 membre(s). L'inscription GRATUITE vous donne accès à différents services pour votre Enceinte acoustique : accès à la notice HouseParty IV et mode d'emploi pdf GEAR4 HouseParty IV, manuel d'utilisation en français, 1 avis consommateur et 1 discussion(s) de forum actif comprenant 1 participant(s), guide de l'utilisateur, photos, vidéos et SAV entre consommateurs.

GEAR4 HouseParty IV

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« : Finished Dimensions: Height: 124mm Width: 124mm GEAR4_PG534_HouseParty_Rise_Manual_V1.1.indd 105/05/2011 16:0812 42 1 18 47 24 6 30 36 52 GEAR4_PG534_HouseParty_Rise_Manual_V1.1.indd 105/05/2011 16:091GEAR4 | HouseParty Rise | User Manual HouseParty Rise Please read before use. Product features: ¦App-enhanced clock radio ¦12 / 24 hour clock with alarm - wake up to radio, your iPod / iPhone music library or buzzer ¦Sleep countdown timer ¦Dimmable LED display ¦2 programmable alarms ¦FM radio with programmable presets ¦Volume & snooze control dial ¦Charges iPod / iPhone ¦Line-in port for use with other music players APP-ENHANCED: Smarter than your average speaker, free app available from the App Store; ¦Use your iPhone or iPod touch to control the speaker wirelessly. To use this feature, dock a 2nd iPhone or iPod touch, ensure both devices are connected to Wi-Fi and select the control speaker feature in the SmartLink app.* ¦Auto-tune and save your favourite stations. The app screen displays what you’re listening to.** ¦Auto-Sync time and alarms between your iPhone and the speaker. Dim both screens using swipe gestures on the clock display. ¦Access your music library through the app and display your favourite album art. N.B. App-enhanced features require GEAR4 SmartLink app for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G or iPod touch (2nd, 3rd and 4th generation only) with iOS 3.1.3, iOS 4.0 or higher. Available FREE on the App Store. App screens correct at time of print. Wireless remote control feature requires a 2nd docked iOS device, using SmartLink and Wi-Fi. *Please ensure that you ‘allow remote’ in the SmartLink settings menu from the 2nd docked iOS device. **Where RDS broadcast is available. Getting started: ¦Plug the power cable into the back of the unit and then into the mains supply. ¦Install the coin-cell battery into the battery compartment on the bottom of the unit. This battery keeps clock settings from being lost in the event of a loss of power. ¦To activate the speaker, press the POWER button. GEAR4_PG534_HouseParty_Rise_Manual_V1.1.indd 105/05/2011 16:092User Manual | HouseParty Rise | GEAR4 ¦To select the mode, press the MODE button to scroll between the options (iPod / FM / AUX). ¦Press the brightness button on the speaker or remote to adjust the LED screen brightness. There are 5 adjustable brightness levels. For use with iPod / iPhone: ¦Press the MODE button to select iPod mode. ¦Carefully insert your iPod / iPhone into the dock. ¦Press play on your iPod / iPhone and control the music using your device or use the remote control to navigate the iPod / iPhone menus. For use with FM radio: ¦Press the MODE button to select FM mode. ¦Press or to scan to the frequency desired. ¦Press and hold or to scan automatically to the next clear frequency. ¦To select a preset radio station, press and scroll between presets. TO SAVE A PRESET FREQUENCY: ¦You can save up to 9 FM presets. ¦Adjust the radio to your desired frequency then press and hold the button until the display flashes. Input the desired memory position by pressing the / buttons. Press the button again to save. To set the clock: ¦Turn off any active alarms (so no alarm icons are displayed). ¦Press and hold the SET button untill the display flashes.... »

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