Notice VELODYNE CT-120

Notice VELODYNE CT-120

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Le SAV entre consommateurs du groupe d’entraide VELODYNE CT-120 vous permet de recevoir des solutions aux problèmes d’utilisation, conseils d’entretien, fonctionnement et assistance pour votre Enceinte acoustique VELODYNE. Rejoignez GRATUITEMENT le groupe d'entraide CT-120 qui compte 1 membre(s) utilisateur(s) de ce produit. Devenir membre vous donne accès à différents services gratuits pour votre Enceinte acoustique : accès au mode d'emploi PDF et à la notice CT-120 en français VELODYNE CT-120, guide de l'utilisateur, avis consommateur et forum actif, manuel d’utilisation, photos, vidéo et informations.

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« Instructions -AI operaling and use i1structions shouk1 be foIowed. 5, Water and Moisture -The Slbwoofer shot.*t rotbe used nearwater -fa( exarrpIe, near a balt'ltlJ), wasl'tlowl, kitchen ~ IaIXdry htl. il a wet basernef'l. near a swimming ~ or the li<e, 6, Gartssn:::IStands-Thesubwoofershol.*:lbeusedOfttwithacartorSlaOO'A,ecu"",,,,.n,e .. odedodedbythemanufadurer. 7. Wal or CeiW9 Mourling -The SltMooIersl"lotjj be mouried lOa war or ceiIrg rxttas reoommended by the man.rfacturer. 8, Ventiation -The SliMoofer shooId be situated so that its bcatiooOl positiOn ooes IlOl i1terfere..wh its proper verdalion For exarJl)Ie,lhe StbAoofer shJljj rd be situated on a bed, sola. rug. or sinilar SlGJce that may tQ:k the ventiIationopenings;OfplacedWla buiI.-W'I nstlIation SUCh asa bookcaseorcabinet that may frl>ede the How of air Itro..9'IIhe YeIlIiIafioo opEri1gs.. 9. Heat -The SlbMJoIershoLdd be situatedCNlayfrom heat soun:es SUCh as raclaklrS, heat registefs, stoves. or 0Iher SI..bMxlfers thai pnx1ICe heal 10, Power Sources -The subwoofer should bec:orneded toa powerSt.qlly cny ofthetypedescd:led in the operaooa nstructi::ns or as IT1aJ1(ed 00 !he Slbwoofer. , 1, Power-Cord Protedbn -Power-SlJppIy cords shouki be rwted so thaI they are not II<eIy to be walked on or pR;hed by items placed t.plI'l or aga.flst!hem, paying particulal attertiJn 10 OOIds al plugs, COflII9flerx:e rer:::E!p(ades. and the point at wnch they exit from the sWwoofer, 12. "cau6on:TopreventeIectricaJshock.maIdlMdetiadeofplglO'lW:Seslot,fullyilserted.·oAttention:Poureviter Ies <:hoes elec::Mques,. introcll.Are iame Ia ptss large de ta fiche dans Ia borne c::orrespoOOanle de Ia prise et pousser jusqu' au foOO". 13. Oeanrg -The SI.bM:Iofer sOOUd be cleaned arty as rec:onvneroed by Ihe mal'lJfacturer. 14. Nooose Periods -The powetoordoflhestbwoofersl'o.Jdbe~ lromlheoutlet v.tlen IefilftlSed for a a.g period oI1ine. 15. CX>ject and l4Jid Entry -care shotJId be taken so that ~ do not tal and ~ are not spied oem the ,,"-"e. 16. Damage R"",n'n;! SeMce -The _er """"be seM:ed OV_ seMcepe<SOm<!l""",, a The power_1XlId or plug has beendamoged. b. 0J;ects have faIen a ~ has been spiIed.-.o the SUIJwoofer. c. The Sl.Ibwootef has been exposed to ran d The subwooter does not CIAlIW 10 operate oormaly a Wlbts a mar1<:ed c:har99 i'\ pertonnan::e. e.. The subwooter has been ci'opped or damaged. 17, 5efvic::irlI-The usershcIt.*J not attefT1)l to servi::e the Slbwooferbeyor.::l what is desat>ed in the ~00g ~ 1 ·fOtdwe,p epow 81 SUep IJqlP 1S8 fOb so ep VIQp-ne al~J laJed~J ap Jalual sed l!OP au Jn8lesY!lI1,l -U9!}aJJU3 ·H '~l5ewwopua ;jI1~ e no aua) Jed ~IISS al~eoua,l '8 ·eouawojJ8d ep IUawe6uetp un 8n~ no IlJaW9leu.trOUJatJUO!J::MJOlsed 8IQW9S8U 81U!9OUa,l .p ·atnjd eJ V e~sodx8 ~I~ 2811J!e::lU8,l .:) ·a!uFJOUSJ Jns ~aA ~I~ e aP!OO!I np no ~WOllUOS Sla{Qo sao 'q 's9f)ewwopua ~I;jllUO ~d 21 no anb!J~I~ UopJOO 91 ·e : 9nbsJOi ~J!(2nb ,aUUOSJad npJed snb ~~J9Jl11p'opSUSlu!9::1U9,l'lJO!IeJ~ JU~sa6ewWO(] '9l 'SIU!S':)UCI,llIlS I;lSJ8f1 ItoS au 9P1nbf1 un:JnI?,nb 9:), Ie aqwOI au la!qo urt::lm~.nb 8:) V UO!1U9ue 8J!I?.:I-BPlnb!1 ep no IS!qo,P lJO!IeJllYUI 'Sl 'sdwal ep 8po!J~ anooOl aun lUepued ~II!1nU! 91S9J 81u!O::lua.l !S ~:)ueJC@P J8158J l!OP eIU!9::IUsJ ap anb!JP9I5J UOpJoo 91 • UO!lesll!lrHJOU ep sapop\Jd 'lJ-~ lu~qej np suOipru]SIJ! sSlluawasnaJl'ldtU::IS 9JA!ns '9IU!Q!)UeJ ep 96e.C:onaIJ 81 mOd -a6eAouaN... »

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