Notice PHILIPS Specialist 2000

Notice PHILIPS Specialist 2000

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Type d'aspirateur : Traineau, Puissance nominale : 2000 Watts, Filtre hygiène : HEPA/S-class, Volume : 3 litres

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« eds to be replaced,even though the dustbag is not full at all. ?Never use the appliance without the Motor Protection Filter.This could damage the motor and shorten the life of the appliance. Preparing for use Connecting accessories Hose 1To connect the hose,push it firmly into the appliance ('click'). 2To disconnect the hose,push the buttons on the swivel and pull the hose out of the appliance (fig.1). Tube There are two types of coupling systems.Depending on the type,this appliance is equipped with one of them.See the systems displayed in the following pictures. Conical coupling (specific types only) 1Connect the tubes to the handgrip by inserting the narrow section into the wider section while turning it a little (fig.2). 2To disconnect the tubes from the handgrip,pull while turning a little. Button coupling (specific types only) 1Connect the tube to the handgrip by pressing the spring-loaded lock button on the handgrip and inserting the handgrip into the tube.Fit the spring-loaded lock button into the opening in the tube ('click') (fig.3). 2To disconnect the tube from the handgrip,press the spring-loaded lock button and pull the handgrip out of the tube. 3Use the same method to connect and disconnect the other accessories. Telescopic tube (specific types only) 1Adjust the tube to the length you find most comfortable during vacuum cleaning (fig.4). Tri-Active nozzle 1The Tri-Active nozzle is a multi-purpose nozzle for carpets and hard floors (fig.5). -The side brushes catch more dust and dirt at the sides of the nozzle and allow you to clean better along furniture and other obstacles. ENGLISH62Push the rocker switch on top of the nozzle with your foot to make the brush strip come out of the housing.At the same time the wheel will be lifted to prevent scratching and to increase manoeuvrability (fig.6). Carpet setting: 3Push the rocker switch again to make the brush strip disappear into the nozzle housing.The wheel will be lowered automatically. ?The opening at the front of the nozzle allows you to effectively suck up larger particles (fig.7). Crevice tool,small nozzle and small brush 1Connect the crevice tool (1),the small nozzle (2) or the small brush (3) directly to the handgrip or to the tube (fig.8). Accessory holder 1The accessory holder can simply be snapped onto the handgrip (fig.9). ?There are two ways to store accessories in the accessory holder. 2The crevice tool and small nozzle can be stored in the accessory holder by pushing them into the holder.To detach them,pull them out of the holder (fig.10). Please note the way in which the small nozzle must be placed in the accessory holder. 3Instead of the small nozzle,the small brush can be stored in the accessory holder by pushing it into the holder (fig.11). Animal brush (specific types only) While combing your dog or cat with the animal brush,dirt,loose hairs and knots will be removed. Regular combing will keep the fur healthy. 1Connect the animal brush to the handgrip ('click') (fig.12). 2Place the vacuum cleaner as far away from the dog or cat as possible.Set the suction power to the lowest setting. 3For optimal results,move the brush through the fur of the cat or dog in one direction. 4You can remove hairs from the animal brush by detaching it from the appliance and vacuum cleaning it (fig.13). Active Fragrance Control (specific types only) The scent granules have been specially developed for use in your Philips vac... »

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