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à 03:36
Food and alcohol quality
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Hello, What spirits, beer and wine were offered? What type of food should I expect? thank you

Réponse de Avatar1kbue62145442, le 13/06/2018 à 17:48
Expertise (non renseigné) Utilisateur (non renseigné)

Bottles of wine were included during lunch and dinner. Most spirits are included. Some top shelf are not. FOOD IS EXCELLENT!!! The choices are amazing. Come hungry!

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Réponse de Avatar1ncon31225346, le 13/06/2018 à 17:53
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The food is as varied as you could wish! The Chef and sous-chefs work hard ensuring the freshest of ingredients during any meal - the hard part is choosing and when to stop eating! But if you just feel like a pasta dish or a pizza or burger, you can get that too! I enjoy a Campari with soda or Dirty Martini and my spouse rhum - we've never had issue (preparing for our 6th visit next Feb). I have also had Prosecco and ordered special bottle of wine at supper (Extra $). The house wines (Red, rose and white) will go well with most meals. Go with the flow; the beauty of Turquoise, the great Chef de Village Francois as well as all the GOs and wonderful staff will make it a week to remember and will leave you wanting for more. Cheers! Nina

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Réponse de Avatar1leon61625626, le 13/06/2018 à 23:32
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Wrong question, kait. It's not about food, drinks, or star rating.
It is mostly about beach, sport, fun, sense of community, and unfortunately, high package prices.
BTW, you cannot die from hunger there.
So, If you don't do sport, are a drinker, or a gourmand you would, probably,overpay staying there.

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Réponse de Avatar1jsvo14412321, le 28/06/2018 à 19:09
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Food is fantastic. I'm a picky eater and had plenty to eat. you must try the white chocolate bread. it's absolutely amazing! Sharky's has hamburgers and chicken and the main dining room has everything you can imagine for every meal. Food is quality - as simple as white rice and roasted veggies or squid lasagna... AMAZING! Drinks are plenty and always available. You can bring your own plastic cups w/lid and straw for larger drinks. (soda water, or alcohol)

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