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esolution, video and audio bit rate, constant or variable bit rates and set video pre-processing ?lters to help reduce noise in old VHS tapes. VideoStudio 7.0 SE DVD: full video capture & editing Video Studio steps you through the movie making process. Key steps are; CAPTURE, EDIT, EFFECT, OVERLAY, TITLE, AUDIO and SHARE. Use Video Studio if you want to edit video, add effects or video ?lters, titles, back ground music or voice overs to create a unique video production. With Video Studio you can capture, edit and then publish your movie to disk. Video Studio includes a DVD Wizard that lets you easily author and burn your movie to disk. You can export any single ?le to the DVD Wizard, or save your edited movie to a VCD, SVCD or DVD movie and then export it to the DVD Wizard. You start the DVD Wizard by going to the SHARE step and clicking “Create Disk”. VCD and SVCD movies can be burned on a CD-ROM disk. DVD movies can also be burned on a CD-ROM disk, but you are limited to about 20 minutes of DVD quality video on a 700MB CD. If you have a DVD recorder, you can get about 2 hours of DVD quality video on a 4.7 GB DVD disk. Video Studio also supports publishing SVCD (MPEG-2 at 2.4 megabits/sec.) to a CD-ROM. SVCD is playable in many home DVD players. You can ?t about 35-40 minutes of SVCD content on a 700 MB CD disk.DVD Xpress Page 8 ENGLISH DVD Xpress Page 9 ENGLISH 1. Check DVD Xpress Contents Hardware: (A) DVD Xpress device (B) 5 VDC Power supply (C) 6 ft. USB Cable (D) 6 ft. A/V Out cable (RCA video and (L+ R) Audio to RCA video and L & R Audio RCA stereo) (E) One (1) Installation CD (F) User's Manual System Requirements - Intel Celeron 400 MHz or AMD Athlon 600 MHZ or better - Windows: Win...

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