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button has remained to On position). Press PUISSANCE button one or more times to select power level. See following sequence: Use Temperature + /- buttons(11) to select desired temperature (from 5°C to 35°C). The appliance will automatically start and stop to keep the desired temperature. Nota: Clock on LCD display can be set to the correct time (see chapter TIME SETTING) 2.ADVANCED USE It is possible to set an AUTO function or a timer. Plug the appliance. Turn On/Off button (2) to On position. TIME SETTING Use Heure (8) or Minute (9) buttons to set the correct time. You can see AM (morning) or PM (afternoon) on the top of the display. Caution: Do not modify the clock during the automatic Mode. If the appliance is stopped (On/Off button to Off position) or without electrical power, the clock is reset. TIMER In basic use, the timer can be set. Press MINUTEUR button (12) one or more times to select the disered time. See following sequence: Timer light indicator lights on in green. Once the time is done, the appliance will stop, and green timer light indicator lights off. Temperature setting can be adjusted at any time. Note: It is not necessary to set the clock to use this function. 9 BH3_notice:RBH_notice 3/05/11 17:49 Page 9AUTO MODE Set the clock (see chapter TIME SETTING). This function allows to program an operating range. Set the desired temperature with Temperature+/- buttons (11) Press once Prog. button (13), ‘Auto on’ is displayed. Start: Press Heure button and Minute button to select the time you required the heater to turn on. Press again Prog. button (13), ‘Auto off’ is displayed. Stop: Press Heure button and Minute button to select the time you required the heater to turn off. Press again Prog. button (13) ‘Auto’ is displ...

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