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evel surface, with enough room, without obstacle. Clearance of 50 cm between product and wall is needed. • Always place the appliance in a vertical position, in order to maintain the compressor in good working conditions. • Never let the appliance in a room with children and handicapped people without supervising. • Do not use outdoor, in a wet environment, close to a bath-tub, a shower or a swimming pool. • Do not immerse appliance or power cord • This product is provided with its own power cord. Do not use any other electrical connection but the one supplied and recommended by the manufacturer. This could be dangerous and may damage the appliance. • Do not use if power cord or appliance is damaged • Only use this appliance for domestic purpose, following the instructions of that manual. • Never move or unplug by pulling the power cord. • Unplug before cleaning or replacement of one part. • Do not use without filter. • In order to avoid any electrical interference, keep away from electric sources. • Never use near a hot place. • Do not use if it is not totally assembled and particularly if the protection grid is not secured, or the exhaust pipe is not assembled. • Do not introduce parts through the grid. • Do not put anything on the appliance. Do not block air inlet and outlet. • Do not attempt to repair the appliance yourself. Otherwise, guarantee would cancel. It has to be repaired by a qualified worker. Power cord has to be changed by a qualified person if needed. THE MANUFACTURER WILL NOT ASSUME ANY RESPONSABILITY IN CASE OF NON ADHERENCE TO THIS RECOMMANDATIONS. KEEP THIS MANUAL CAREFULLY. ENGLISHENGLISH For your comfort and safety, ALPATEChas checked all the steps of manufacturing.The products have been made for you to enjoy the...

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