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void electrical shocks. • The rear of the unit can go quite close to the wall but leave at least 20 cm gap. • Do note place the appliance on soft or uneven ground in order to prevent it from leaking of making noise. notice DH_25D:notice DH_25EC 19/11/09 11:37 Page 1112 • Do not place the appliance on its side or back / front in storage or transport. If unit has been transported allow to stand for 2 hours before switching the unit on. • Switch off and unplug the appliance when is not used for a long time THE MANUFACTURER WILL NOT ASSUME ANY RESPONSABILITY IN CASE OF NON ADHERENCE TO THESE INSTRUCTIONS. SAVE THIS USER MANUAL CAREFULLY. notice DH_25D:notice DH_25EC 19/11/09 11:37 Page 12PARTS LIST FRONT 1. Control panel 2. Cover for air outlet 3. Air outlet 4. Water full indicator 5. Water tank 6. Handle REAR 7. Air inlet / Filters 8. Power cord 9. Handle 10. Hole fonctinuous drainage 11. Water tank 12. Caster FILTERS 13 Dust filter Active carbon filter Fixing support notice DH_25D:notice DH_25EC 19/11/09 11:37 Page 13CONTROL PANEL 12. heat 13. Blank touch 14. timer 15. display window 16. fan speed 17. Mode 18. ON / OFF DISPLAY WINDOW A. Humidity display B. Ambient humidity C. Compressor light indicator and water full indicator D. Heat indicator E. Timer indicator F. Humidity or room temperature display G. Fan speed 14 121314161718 notice DH_25D:notice DH_25EC 19/11/09 11:37 Page 14OPERATION INSTRUCTION STARTING. - Plug the unit. - Press button ON / OFF (18), the unit start working in continuous mode. - Press button mode (17) to select the humidity rate (or continuous mode). You can select 50%, 60%, 70% or 80%. - Press button fan speed (16) to choose the ventilation speed (high or low). - The air...

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