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your iPod. While the docking adapter is not required for proper functioning of your iPod and iM7BLK, it will provide a better ?t. Note: Alternate audio sources – such as non-dockable iPod models, CD players, MP3 players, portable DVD players, and laptops – can also be connected to the iM7BLK. For more information, see the “Connecting to alternate audio source” section. Power Useone of the following two options to power your iM7BLK: AC (Wall outlet) Power Insert the barrel connector from the power supply into the DC connector on the rear of the iM7BLK. After this connection is made, insert the power supply into a wall outlet. DC (Battery) Power Install eight D batteries (or LR20) into the battery compartment on the bottom of the iM7BLK. Make sure the batteries are installed as illustrated in the battery compartment (batteries not included). Start Playing 1.With your iPod seated into the iM7BLK docking station, turn on your iPod. 2.Turn on the iM7BLK by pushing the power button located on the top of the unit. An LED will light when the power is on. Note: To avoid hearing a popping sound when you turn on your iM7BLK, always turn on your iPod (or alternate audio source) ?rst. Power Off Turn off the iM7BLK by pushing the power button located on the top of the unit. The LED will turn off. TV or VCR Connection for IPod video or IPod Photo The iM7BLK includes a pass-through video feature that allows you to display videos and photos from your iPod onto a television set while the iPod is docked into the iM7BLK. To connect the iM7BLK to a television set or VCR, follow the steps below: 1.Make sure the power to your television set or VCR is turned off. 2.Locate an S-Video or Composite (RCA) cable (sold separately). •Using an S-Video cable: Connect...

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