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7031. •Avoid placing the PT7031 on or near surfaces that may vibrate. Locating the PT7031 The PT7031 can be placed on a suitable level surface or mounted on the wall using the supplied wall mounting bracket. Safety Notes: •Be sureto leave adequate ventilation space – at least 2 inches (50mm) above the PT7031 •We do not recommend installing this unit so that it is directly on the floor. •The PT7031 weighs approximately (18.1 lbs.) (8.2 kg).Be sure to secureit where it will not fall and where it is out of the reach of children. •Do not install this unit directly above a cathode-ray tube (CRT) TV as stray magnetic fields may distort the TV. Wall Mounting If you aremounting the PT7031 on the wall please follow these steps: 1.Determine a suitable wall location for mounting the wireless speaker within reach of the unit’s AC cord. 2.Position and level the supplied metal mounting bracket in the desired location on the wall. 3.Being careful to avoid any items (wires,pipes,etc.) hidden inside the wall secure the metal mounting bracket using appropriate fasteners for the application.If you are unsure which type of fasteners to use or areunable to determine if thereare items within the wall that could be damaged please consult a licensed contractor. 4.Place the speaker on the mounting bracket by aligning the two buttonholes on the rear of the speaker with the posts on the mounting bracket.Check to make sure the wall mount bracket and speaker aresecurelyfixed in place. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1.POWER Use to toggle between On and Standby modes. 2.VOL +/–Increases or decreases the overall volume level of the unit. 3.3456 and OK Move to highlight items in the on-screen display (OSD) setup menu.Press OK to confirm. 4.AUDIOSets the remote to...

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