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except the power cord mplace the computer face down on a soft cloth 1 Open the access door using a coin to turn the latch. 2 Touch the metal shield inside the recessed latch area. Then unplug the power cord. .Touch this metal before you touch any parts inside the computer. Don’t walk around the room until you’ve finished installing memory or an AirPort Card. 3 To install memory, insert a memory module into one of the two lower slots. .Be sure to align the notches on the module with the small notches inside the slot.19 4 To install an AirPort Card, detach the antenna from the upper slot, then remove the protective plastic cap. 5 Then connect the antenna to the AirPort Card and insert the card sideways into the slot. .For instructions on using the AirPort software, look in Mac Help, available in the Help menu. 6 Close the access door and use a coin to close the latch. .Never turn your computer on unless all of its internal and extra parts are in place.20 Where do I go to learn more? Look in Mac Help for more information on using your computer. 2 Open the Help menu and choose Mac Help. 1 Choose Finder from the Application menu (see page 4). 3 Type a question or keywords, then click Search. .You can also browse through information about your computer by clicking one of the blue underlined items in the window. .To view Help for other applications, choose Help Center from the Help menu.21 .Underlined items are links. When you click a link, it will go to another topic, automatically do something for you, or take you to more information on the Internet. 4 Click an item in the list of available Help topics. .If you didn’t find what you were looking for, try rewording your question.If the computer won’t re...

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