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ot pour water over the air conditioner to cleanit: this will damage the internal components and cause anelectric shock hazard. 3. Storage.If you are not going to make use of the air conditioner for along period, before storing it away clean the air filter and eva-cuate the condensate from the indoor unit through the reardrain pipe and from the outdoor unit tilting it. Do not discon-nect the flexible tube, unless you are obliged to do it: in thatcase protect the open halves of the couplings with the plugssupplied as accessories, that must be tightened with a span-ner.Always store the unit in the vertical position hanging theoutdoor unit by the handie to the rear of the indoor unit. Donot put heavy objects on top of the unit and protect it with acloth or a plastic bag. 4. Transport.Preferably keep the air conditioner in the vertical positionduring transportation. If this is not possible, then lay it on oneside; when at destination put the air conditioner back in thevertical position and wait at least 10 minutes before using it forcooling. 5. For your safety care check periodically the conditions ofthe electric supply cable; the electrical connection of theunit is X type with cable prepared in a special way; in caseyou should notice any damage due to usage, call the neare-st After Sale Service to get the cable replaced. If your air conditioner doesn’t work properly, first check the following points before requesting service: the plug is properly inserted into the power socket; the circuit breaker is in the ON position and fuses have not blown; the air filter is not clogged; the flexible tube is correctly positioned without any sharp bends nor plies; the thermostat knob is in the proper position for the suitable tempe- rature (twisting it clockwise verify t...

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