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and then restarts when the electricity comes back on or when you shut the door. Everything is under control!6 ARISTON DISHWASHER - User Manual Detergent and rinse aid Rnse aid. Rinse Aid makes dishes sparkle and improves the drying.The rinse aid container is situated on the inside of the appliance door; you should refill it when you see the container is empty by means of indicator eye ?D?. Loading the rinse aid. To open the dispenser, turn cap C counter clockwise. Take care when you pour in the rinse aid to avoid it overflowing. You can adjust the amount of rinse aid used by the dishwasher: regulate the adjuster F which you will find under lid C. Only use specific dishwasher detergents. Pour the detergent into the dispenser onthe inside of the door. Before the wash cycle starts! The detergentLoading the detergent To open lid A, press button B. The detergent should be poured into the two containers C and D up to the rim. Now you can close the lid: press it down until you hear it click. If you prefer to use the detergent in tablets, place one of these in container "D". Now you can close the lid: press it down until you hear it click. It won't close! Check whether there is any detergent residue on the edges of the dispenser. It is due to this residue that the lid won't close. Get rid of it and you'll see that it closes. You can choose from six different positions. It is normally set to 4. Proper dosage of the rinse aid improves drying. If drops of water remain on the dishes or spotting occurs, turn the dosage adjuster to a higher setting. If, on the other hand, the dishes have white streaks, then turn the dosage adjuster down to a lower setting. WARNING! Detergent is corrosive!...

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