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icate clothes that bear “not machine- washable” labels for which hand wash is recommended on this program. It washes the laundry with very tender washing movements without damaging your clothes.C Sort the laundry according to type of fabric, color, degree of soiling and permissible water temperature when choosing a program. Special programsFor specific applications, you can select any of the following programs:• RinseThis program is used when you want to rinse or starch separately.• Spin and PumpThis program is used to apply an additional spin cycle for the laundry or to drain the water in the machine.Before starting this program, select the desired spin sped and press “Start/Pause/Cancel” button. Your machine drains the water after spinning at the set spin speed.If you only want to drain the water without spinning your laundry, select “Spin and Pump” program, and then select no spin function with spin speed selection button. Press “Start/Pause/Cancel” button.A You should use a lower spin speed for delicate laundries. Spin Speed selectionWhenever a new program is selected, the maximum spin speed of the selected program is displayed on the spin speed indicator.To decrease the spin speed, press the “Spin” button. Spin speed decreases gradually. Then, rinse hold and no spin options are shown respectively.Rinse hold is shown with “” and no spin is shown with “” symbols.If you do not want to unload your clothes immediately after the program, you may use rinse hold function in order to prevent your clothes become wrinkled in anhydrous conditions. With this function, your laundry is kept in the final rinsing water. If you want to spin your laundry that you left in water:- Adjust the spin speed.- Press “Start/Pause/Cancel” button.Program resumes. Your machine drains the wat...

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