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may smell of plastic when used for the first time, but this soon stops. 3. Operation 3.1 Selecting temperature 3.2 Switch positions – Only massage: () Level I (low): calming massage Level II (high): invigorating massage the heat switch is on “0” – Only heat: () Level I: minimum warmth Level II: maximum warmth the massage switch is on “0” – Massage with heat: (, ) massage and heat levels are freely selectable – No massage, no heat: both switches are on “0“ The massage function may only remain switched on for a maximum of 20 minutes. 4. Cleaning and Care The footwarmer should be kept clean, as it may not be washed. Always disconnect the power plug from the socket outlet before cleaning the footwarmer. 7 detergent for delicate fabrics. The footwarmer may not be saturated in the process. wrung out, pressed or ironed. Do not use the footwarmer again until it is completely dry. 5. Storage If you do not use the footwarmer for longer periods, we recommend storing it in the original packaging in a dry place without weighing it down. Allow the footwarmer to cool down before- hand. 6. Disposal ...

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