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cribed in the installation instructions. You can find out from your Blaupunkt dealer which navigation systems can be used with your car radio. If a traffic information message is re- ceived during a telephone call or whilst a navigation announcement is being made, the traffic message will only be played after the call or voice output is finished. If you are already listening to a traffic announcement and a telephone call arrives or the navigation system wish- es to make a voice output, the traffic announcement will first be heard. Once the traffic message is finished, you can listen to the call or the voice output. You can set the volume level at which telephone calls and the navigation voice output will first be heard. ?Press the MENU button 7. ?Keep pressing the or button 5 until “TEL VOL” appears in the display. ?Set the required volume using the and buttons 5. When you have finished making your changes, ?press the MENU button 7 twice. Note: ?Using the volume control 3, you can directly adjust the volume of telephone calls and navigation voice output (whilst they are being heard). ADJUSTING THE VOLUME32 Mute while telephoning (Alicante CD32, Kiel CD32, Porto CD32 and San Remo CD32) If your car audio system is equipped with a mobile telephone, it will automatically switch to mute when you use the phone. This will only work if the mobile phone is connected to the car audio system as described in the installation instruc- tions. The volume will be reduced to the con- figured volume mute level. Confirmation beep For some functions you will hear a con- firmation beep if you keep a button pressed for longer than two seconds. For instance, after storing a radio sta- tion to a station button you will hear a confirmat...

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