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on- trol panel inside your vehicle - not even in a hiding place. Notes: Never drop the control panel. Do not expose the control panel to di- rect sunlight or another heat source. Avoid direct skin contact with the control panel’s electrical contacts. If necessary, clean the contacts with a lint-free cloth moistened with clean- ing alcohol. Detaching the control panel Press the button 1. The control panel opens to the bottom. Hold the control panel by its right side and then pull it straight out of the bracket. • • •   Notes: The device is switched off after a time preset by you. For further details, please read the section "Switch-off time (OFF TIMER)" in this chapter. The device remembers the audio source played last for the next switch- on. Any CD already inserted in the device remains there. Attaching the control panel 1. 2. Hold the control panel approximately at a right angle to the device. (see ? g- ure, 1.) Push the control panel into the guides at the bottom edge of the device. Push the control panel carefully into the bracket until it clicks into place. Fold the control panel up into the slot and press it gently into place until it clicks. (see ? gure, 2.) If the device was still switched on when you detached the control panel, it will automati- cally switch on with the last setting activat- ed (radio, CD, CD changer or AUX) when the panel is replaced. • • •     Detachable control panel 01_LondonMP48us_gb.indd 901_LondonMP48us_gb.indd 911/20/07 9:56:31 AM11/20/07 9:56:31 AM10 Switch-off time (OFF TIMER) After opening the control panel, the device is switched off after an adjustable time. You can set this time from 0 to 30 seconds. Press the MENU•OK button 5. Pre...

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