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_D32_NA.indd 707.06.2010 9:11:03 Uhr07.06.2010 9:11:03 Uhr8 • To switch to the other modes, successively press the mode button. • To return from any mode to the «Daily Clean» mode, press and hold the mode button. • To turn your brush off, press the on/off button. Please note: The «Whitening» mode is best used with an Oral-B ProWhite brush head (see «Brush heads»). Brush heads (depending on model) The Oral-B FlossAction brush head is recommended for everyday deep cleaning. It features micropulse bristles that get advanced cleaning deep between your teeth. For occasional or everyday whitening, please use the Oral-B ProWhite brush head. It features a dentist-inspired polishing cup to remove surface stains to naturally whiten teeth. Please note that children under 12 years old should not use the Oral-B ProWhite brush head. Do not use the Oral-B FlossAction or Oral-B ProWhite brush head with braces. We recommend using the Oral-B Ortho brush head, which is speci? cally designed to clean around braces and wires. The Oral-B Ortho Care brush head with special tufting pattern is designed to clean around braces. The Oral-B Power Tip brush head is designed to clean deep between teeth. Also great for bridges, crowns, and implants. The Oral-B Sensitive brush head has extra soft bristles for gentle, effective cleaning. The FlossAction™, ProWhite™, and Sensitive brush heads feature blue Indicator™ bristles helping you to monitor brush head replacement need. With proper brushing, twice a day for two minutes, the blue color will fade halfway approxi- mately within 3 months, signalling that it is time to change the brush head. SmartGuide display unit Displayed Icon Meaning «Daily Clean» mode «S...

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