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m the rear side of the epilator head with the brush dipped into alcohol. While doing so, turn the tweezer element manually. This cleaning method ensures best hygienic conditions for the epilation head. Cleaning under running water: 7 Remove the cap. Hold the appliance with the epilation head under running water. Then press the release button (5) to remove the epilation head. Thoroughly shake both, the epilation head and the appliance to make sure that remaining water can drip out. Leave both parts to dry. Before reattaching, make sure that they are completely dry. B Using the shaver head attachment a OptiTrim comb b Shaver foil c Trimmer d Release buttons e Trim/shave selector f Cutter block g Shaver head base Shaving Put on the shaver head attachment (7) by clicking it in. Pressing one of the lock keys, turn the switch clockwise to setting 2. Make sure the trim/shave selector is in the «shave» position. For best results, always make sure that both, the shaver foil (b) and the trimmer (c) are in contact with the skin (A). Keeping your skin stretched (B), slowly move the appliance against the direction of hair growth. The trimmer first raises all long • • • • 98740812_SE_7280_NA.indd 1098740812_SE_7280_NA.indd 1016.07.2008 15:01:38 Uhr16.07.2008 15:01:38 Uhr11 hairs and cuts them off. Then the flexible foil follows to smooth away any stubble. When shaving or trimming in sensitive areas, make sure that you always keep your skin stretched to avoid injuries. Contour trimming For trimming precise line and contours, lock the long hair trimmer by sliding the trim/ shave selector (e) to the position «trim» (C1). Pre-cutting hair for epilation If you choose to pre-cut your hair to...

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