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ight 8 Charger 9 Protection cover / holder for the shower Connecting and charging The bodycruZer is electrically safe and can be used in the bathroom, bath, and shower. • • • • English 99290507_BodyCruzer.indd 1199290507_BodyCruzer.indd 1118.08.2009 9:46:23 Uhr18.08.2009 9:46:23 Uhr12 Plug the charger (8) into an electrical outlet. Place the bodycruZer onto the charger. The pilot light (7) indicates that the bodycruZer is connected to an electrical outlet. Charging time is approximately 12 hours. Cordless operation time is up to 50 minutes. Battery maintenance In order to maintain the capacity of the recharge- able batteries, we recommend that you unplug the charger and discharge the bodycruZer by regular use at least every 6 months. How to use the bodycruZer Make sure that you always keep your skin stretched when shaving or trimming. The bodycruZer is not intended for removing facial hair or scalp hair. This appliance is suitable for use in a bath or shower. Trimming: Trimming on the skin / contour trimming For trimming precise lines and contours, just use the trimmer (2) (picture a). Press the on/off switch (6) to turn on the bodycruZer. Stretching your skin, carefully move the trimmer against the direction of hair growth. For this function, you can use Gillette shaving foam or gel. Using the trimming combs (1a) – (1c) For best results use the trimming combs on dry hair only. Do not use shaving foam or gel for this application. Whenever hairs build up in front of the comb, remove them. Trimming on the skin in sensitive areas (e.g. genital area) with the «sensitive» attachment (1a) For trimming in sensitive areas and improved skin care, you should use the «sensitive» attachment...

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